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AdaCore, Inc.
Industry Computer software
Founded 1994
Headquarters New York, Paris
Key people
Robert Dewar
Ed Schonberg
Cyrille Comar
Tucker Taft
Richard Kenner
Franco Gasperoni
Products GNAT Pro

AdaCore is a computer software company that provides open source software tools and expertise for the development of mission-critical, safety-critical, and security-critical software.[1] AdaCore’s flagship products are the GNAT Pro and SPARK Pro development environments and the CodePeer automatic code reviewer and validator.

GNAT Pro, AdaCore's main product, is a commercial-grade open source Ada development that supports all Ada versions (Ada 2012, Ada 2005, Ada 95, Ada 83) and includes professional consulting, training and maintenance services.[2] All AdaCore software products are licensed either under the GPL or the GMGPL license. Special releases are made for academic use.

The company was founded in 1994, and was originally named Ada Core Technologies (ACT). In 2004 it was rebranded to AdaCore.

AdaCore is privately owned and has North American headquarters in New York and European headquarters in Paris.


Ada and GNAT Pro are used in long-lived applications where safety, security, and reliability are critical. Domains include commercial and defense avionics, air traffic control, railroad systems, space, energy, financial services and medical devices.

Its customers include:


AdaCore has several strategic alliances and partnerships:

  • Altran – a specialist systems and software house, focused on the engineering of systems with demanding safety, security or innovation requirements.
  • Verocel [1] – has developed the certification package for run-time library components accompanying the GNAT Pro High Integrity Edition. This package contains all of the artifacts required to satisfy the objectives of DO-178B for a Level A system.

Encouraging the use of Ada in academia[edit]

The GNAT Academic Program (GAP) was created to support the study of Ada in courses from elementary programming, data structures, software engineering and for more advanced courses in compiler construction. The community consists of over 175 members in 35 countries teaching Ada using GNAT.

Member projects include:

European Robotics Cup[2]

The Telecom Robotics club at Telecom ParisTech is using Ada and the GNAT technology for its project submissions to the European Robotics Cup. In 2010, Telecom Robotics finished in the top ten out of 150 entries. Telecom Robotics is continuing to use Ada and GNAT on its projects, including a robot based on LEGO Mindstorms.

Arctic Sea Ice Buoy and CubeSat Projects

Students at Vermont Technical College are using AdaCore’s GNAT development environment along with Altran Praxis’ SPARK tools on two NASA-sponsored programs with large software components.

For the first project, the students are designing and building both the hardware and software for an Arctic Sea Ice Buoy that measures wind speed, direction, temperature and GPS position. Data from the buoy are sent back to the home base via the Iridium satellite constellation. The students are producing the prototype buoy for the study of sea/ice interaction in the Arctic Ocean, and a follow-on grant will fund placement of between 10 and 20 buoys on the Arctic Ocean ice.

The second project is a continuation of work on CubeSat, a space satellite 10 cm in diameter with a mass of 1 kg.

Dasher robot

Graduate students at Mälardalen University are designing, building and programming the Dasher robot using AdaCore’s GNAT toolset, on Wind River Systems’ VxWorks real-time operating system.

The Dasher project’s goal is to create a humanoid (two-legged) robot that can run 100 meters in 9.5 seconds, which would break the human record.


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