Ada Bojana

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Ada Bojana Island
Native name:
Ostrvo Ada Bojana
Ishulli Ada e Bunës
Aerial photograph of the Bojana River delta with Bojana Island (Ada Bojana)
LocationBojana river Delta
Total islands1
Area4.81 km2 (1.86 sq mi)
Area rank1 (in Montenegro)
Length3 km (1.9 mi)
Highest elevation3 m (10 ft)
MunicipalityUlcinj Municipality
Population(unpopulated area)

Ada Bojana (pronounced [ǎːda bɔ̌jana]; is an island in the Ulcinj Municipality in Montenegro. The name Ada means river island in Montenegrin.

The island is created by a river delta of the Bojana River. Legend says it was formed by gathering river sand around a ship sunk at the mouth of Bojana river, but it is more likely to be a delta in formation. It is located on the southernmost tip of Montenegro, with only the Bojana river separating it from Pulaj and Velipojë in the Albanian territory.

The island is of triangular shape, bordered from two sides by the Bojana river and by the Adriatic Sea from the southwest. It has an area of 4.8 square km.

It is a popular tourist destination, with 3 kilometres (2 miles) long sandy beach with traditional seafood restaurants. Ada Bojana is one of the premier kitesurfing and windsurfing locations on the Adriatic Coast with strong cross onshore winds during summer afternoons. Ada Bojana's main income is from Camping.

The New York Times included Ada Bojana and Montenegro's South Coast (including Velika Plaža and Hotel Mediteran) in a ranking of top travel destinations for 2010 – "Top Places to Go in 2010".[1]

FKK Resort Ada Bojana[edit]

Naturist Island Ada Bojana (Ada Buna) is a place for nudist tourists. The first phase of Ada, which was constructed in 1972, provides 83 small houses overlooking attractive and exotic views of the Adriatic Sea with a capacity of 320 beds.

Hotel complex is located on the southwest side of the island, while lodges have not risked the environmental authentic appearance. Nudist Island of Bojana (Buna) is located 15 km away from Ulcinj, a heavenly island, famous for its nudist camp and untouched nature. Although in regions that are near Mediterranean parts, Ada dominates with subtropical climate. It is decorated by an extraordinary ecosystem.[2]


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