Ada Cornaro

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Ada Cornaro
Born 29 June 1881
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Died 19 March 1961
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Occupation Actress

Ada Cornaro (29 June 1881 – 19 March 1961) was a prominent Argentine film and theatre actress, tango dancer and singer of the 1930s and 1940s.

Although she entered film in 1924 her claim to fame was in the 1930 tango film hit Adiós Argentina in which she starred alongside icon Libertad Lamarque.

She appeared in tango films such as Alas de mi patria (1939), Academia El Tango Argentino and Así te quiero (1942) and Apasionadamente (1944).

She retired from film in 1951 after her last film "Volver a la vida". She died in Buenos Aires.


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