Adal Soomro

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Adal Soomro
Native nameادل سومرو
BornAbdul Karim Soomro

Dr. Adal Soomro (born Abdul Karim Soomro, 15 August 1955) is a Sindhi language poet and retired academician. He was Director Shaikh Ayaz Chair at Shah Abdul Latif University in Khairpur, Pakistan.[1]

He holds a PhD in the history of Sindhi Adabi Sangat, a Pakistani literary organization for which he has also been Secretary.[1]

Soomro has written 12 books as of 2016: one book of prose, three poetry collections, and eight works of children's literature and poetry.[1][2] When asked about writing in other languages, he explained that because people dream in their native tongue, they express themselves most effectively through it, and that preferring to work in a different language would leave his own vulnerable.[1] Commenting on the longevity of poetic works, and on the challenges young poets face, he said they must combine artistic merit with thought while avoiding becoming repetitive.[3]


Adal Soomro advocates the abolition of feudal system to empower women.[4] Adal Soomro strongly condemns terrorism. Following the 2015 Jacobabad bombing, while expressing grief he criticized the law enforcement agencies for the security lapse.[5]


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