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Arabic العداله
Romanization Adalah
Literal meaning Justice

Adalah (Arabic: عدالة‎) means justice and denotes The Justice of God. It is among the five Shia Principles of the Religion.

The Shias believe that there is intrinsic good or evil in things, and that God commands them to do the good things and shun the evil. They believe that God acts according to a purpose or design, and human reason cannot comprehend this design or purpose in its entirety (though man must always strive to understand as much as he can).

The Sunni School of thought does not consider Justice of God as part of Theology of Twelvers . It subscribes to the view that nothing is good or evil per se, and that what God commanded people to do became good by virtue of his command, and what he forbade became evil.


Justice is known as an antonym of cruelty. Morteza Motahhari [Morteza Motahhari]] regarded the following meaning for justice:[1]

  1. Proportionality: consider a system with some components. For the protection of system’s survival, Sources should be divided proportionality between the members based on its neediness.
  2. Equality: Justice means equality and denying all forms of discrimination.
  3. Justify the right to its owner: In this view, justice is the division of resources in proportion to their potential.


In Quran Adl and Qist are two words used to describe the justice. Adl means a balanced approach to all things, including life. So if a person is Adil, he is balanced morally, behaviorally, and spiritually. Also, Qist is defined as the approach regulating the human-human or human-God relations.[2]

Principle of Shia Theology[edit]

Adalah is one of the principles of Theology of Twelvers. In other hands, Allah is described by many attributes, but just Adalah is chosen as the principle of Shia Twelver's theology, so the following reasons explain this exception:[3] 1-Adalah is important because other attributes of God get their meaning from it. In other word Adalah has a wide meaning as putting everything in their right places, so being The Most Merciful or The Sustainer get their meaning from Adalah. 2- eschatology and Prophecy and Imamah as principles of the Shia Theology has the close relation with Adalah. 3-At the beginning of Islam there was a conflict of justice. The Sunni people ) Ash'arite) did not believe in the justice, and they said that God does not mean oppression and justice. Therefore, the Shi'a put it in the principles of religion to emphasize justice. 4-The existence of Adalah in the human society is so important as the main element to have the Social justice. Shia Muslim by selecting it as the principal try to achieve the justice in their society and fight with cruel.

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