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God2-Sistine Chapel.png
Michelangelo's Creation of Adam, from the Sistine Chapel ceiling. The personal name Adam is derivation from Hebrew meaning the ground, from which God created Adam as stated in the Bible
Pronunciation Danish: [ˈæːdɑm]
English: /ˈædəm/
Gender Male
Language(s) Hebrew in Canaan or Mesopotamia; Fertile Crescent
Meaning Comes from the Hebrew word "adama", which means "earth" or "soil"
Other names
See also Adan, Adem Adim

Adam is a common masculine given name.

The personal name Adam derives from the Hebrew noun ha adamah meaning "the ground" or "earth". It is still a Hebrew given name, and its Quranic and Biblical usage has ensured that it is also a common name in all countries which draw on these traditions. It is particularly common in Christian and Muslim religious majority countries. In most languages its spelling is the same, although the pronunciation varies somewhat. Adán is the Spanish form of this name.

Adam is also a surname in many countries, although it is not as common in English as its derivative Adams (sometimes spelled Addams). In other languages there are similar surnames derived from Adam, such as Adamo, Adamov, Adamowicz, Adamski etc.

In Arabic, Adam (آدم) means "made from the earth/mud/clay".


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