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Adam is a surname.

In the Russian language, the surname "Ада́м" (Adam) is a variant of Adamov.[1]

People with the surname include[edit]

Scottish Adam family members[edit]

  • William Adam (1689–1748), Scottish architect and builder, born near Kirkcaldy, Fife.
    • John Adam (1721–1792), born near Kirkcaldy, eldest son of William. Architect and builder.
      • William Adam (1751–1839), only son of John Adam, Member of Parliament and judge.
        • Charles Adam (1780–1853), second son of William Adam (1751–1839), British naval officer.
        • Frederick Adam (1784–1853), fourth son of William Adam (1751–1839), General in the British Army, Governor of Madras 1832–1837.
    • Robert Adam (1728–1792), born near Kirkcaldy, second son of William. Architect, interior designer and furniture designer, originator of the "Adam style".
    • James Adam (1732–1794), born in Edinburgh, third son of William. Architect and furniture designer, business partner of Robert.

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