Adam Bahdanovič

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Adam Bahdanovič
Adam Bagdanovich.jpg

Adam Bahdanovič (Belarusian: Адам Ягоравіч Багдановіч; March 25, 1862, Chalopieničy – April 16, 1940, Yaroslavl) was a Belarusian ethnographer and collector of folklore. Born in a peasant family, he graduated from a pedagogical college in Nyasvizh and worked as a school teacher and, later, as a bank clerk. While still in college, Bahdanovič started recording folk tales, songs, and customs, first for the folklorist Pavel Shejn, and eventually as an independent researcher. His work influenced his son, the poet Maksim Bahdanovič, who frequently turned to folk fairy stories for inspiration.[1]


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