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Adam Beattie

Adam Beattie (1833–1893) was the Captain of the New York 26th Independent Battery, Light Artillery Barnes’ Rifle Battery during the American Civil War. Adam was born in Seneca, New York on November 26, 1833 to David Beattie and Dorothy Turnbull. He was the third out of four boys in the family. His father was a farmer who owned land in Seneca.

On November 28, 1862, Adam was mustered at the age of 29 into the New York 26th Independent Battery (Light Artillery) as a 2nd Lieutenant. His position was Quartermaster in charge of acquiring goods for the unit from horses to food. The 26th New York battery took part in the Red River Campaign.

He was promoted to Vice First Lieutenant, then Captain of the Battery, by George W. Fox on March 29, 1863. He was honorably discharged on September 12, 1865 and mustered out at New Orleans.

Personal Life

Adam was married three times, the first to Isabella Mcfortine. This union bore a son Willard Grant Beattie, in 1863. During the time Adam was gone to war, Isabella died or became incapacitated and Willard went to live with Adam's brother William.

Adam moved from Seneca, to Ovid, Michigan in 1865 as an early pioneer in that community. His son Willard was left in New York in the care of his brother.

Adam married a second time to Katherine A. Hann (Kate), and had a second son, Mark Brewer Beattie, who was born in 1877 in Ovid. Katherine Hann died two years later in 1879.

Adam entered politics and became a Michigan State Senator in the 17th district from 1873-74.

Adam married a third time to Mary E. Hann, Katherine Hann sister, who moved into the household to take care of Mark age 2.

In Ovid, Adam used his past knowledge as a farmer and Quartermaster to become a grocer. He also ran for school board, and later became Ovid's Postmaster.

His Civil War friend George Fox followed him to Ovid. On February 13, 1871, George Fox was the master carpenter on a 22-man team building Ovid's First Congregational Church. The church was moved by oxen in 1899 and turned to face Main Street where it stands today as a residence.

Adam Beattie died at age 59 on June 26, 1893.

Adam Beattie, George Fox, Mary E. Hann, and Katherine A. Hann are all buried in Ovid, Michigan's Maple Grove Cemetery.

These early pioneers some of the first settlers to the area to die, and their tombstones are near the front entrance of Maple Grove Cemetery.

Adam shares a large granite monument with his second wife Kate and third wife Mary E. Hann is buried nearby in an unmarked grave.

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