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Adam Browne
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OccupationSpeculative fiction writer

Adam Browne (born 1963) is an Australian speculative fiction writer. He lives in Melbourne, Australia. Browne illustrates his own work.



  • Pyrotechnicon: Being a True Account of the Further Adventures of Cyrano de Bergerac Among the States and Empires of the Stars, by Himself (dec'd) – Coeur de Lion Publishing (Australia), 2012
  • "Other Stories," and Other Stories – Satalyte (Australia), 2014
  • The Tame Animals of Saturn - Peggy Bright Books (Australia), 2016

Short Fiction[edit]

  • "Orlando’s Third Trance" -HQ Magazine (Australia), 1999
  • "Account Dracula" -Orb Magazine (Australia), 1999
  • "Rococo Cola" -Orb Magazine (Australia), 2000
  • "Schrödinger’s Catamaran" -Orb Magazine (Australia), 2000,
  • "The Weatherboard Spaceship" – Aurealis Magazine (Australia), 2001
  • "Widow City" -Ideomancer (US), 2001
  • "Nativity Plague" -Aurealis Magazine (Australia), 2001
  • "Les Autres" -Ideomancer (US), 2002
  • "Ad Nauseam" -NFG Magazine (Canada), 2002
  • "Captain Thankless" -Ideomancer Unbound speculative fiction anthology (US), 2002
  • "The End of Roentgen Rays" -Talebones Science Fiction Magazine (US), 2002
  • "Zombiewaffe" -NFG Magazine (Canada), 2003
  • "Space Operetta" -Aurealis Magazine (Australia), 2003
  • "Exterminator Rex" -Agog! Science Fiction Anthology (Australia), 2003
  • "The Old Man and the Sun" -NFG Magazine (Canada), 2003
  • "The Nativity Plague" (republished) -Nowa Fantastyka (Poland), 2004
  • "Ringcycle" (co-written with John Dixon) -Aurealis Magazine (Australia), 2004
  • "Blood Drunk" -NFG Magazine (Canada), 2004
  • "Ringcycle" (co-written with John Dixon) -Aurealis Magazine (Australia), 2004
  • "Heart of Saturday Night" -Lenox Ave Magazine (US), 2005
  • "Sun King" -Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine (Australia), 2006
  • "Obituary Boy" (with John Dixon) -Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine (Australia), 2006
  • "Blood Drunk" Cardigan Press Anthology (Australia), 2006
  • "Postdiluvian" Aurealis Magazine (Australia), 2006
  • "Heart of Saturday Night" (republished) Australian Dark Fantasy and Horror: the Best of 2005, Edited by Angela Challis & Shane Jiraiya Cummings (Brimstone Press, 2006)
  • "Neverland Blues" – Dreaming Again (Australia), 2009
  • "The D____d" – Light Touch Paper, Stand Clear, Peggy Bright Books (Australia), 2013


Chronos Award[edit]

  • "Neverland Blues", received the Chronos award for best Australian sf short story (2009)

Aurealis Award[edit]

  • "Heart of Saturday Night" shortlisted for Aurealis Award for best Australian fantasy short story (2006)[1]
  • "The Weatherboard Spaceship" winner of the Aurealis award for best Australian sf short story (2002)[2]
  • "Schrödinger's Catamaran" shortlisted for Aurealis award for best Australian sf short story (2001)[3]
  • "Orlando's Third Trance" shortlisted for Aurealis award for best Australian fantasy story. (2000)[4]


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