Adam Kendon

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Adam Kendon
Nationality British
Fields Gesture
Alma mater University of Cambridge and Oxford

Adam Kendon (born in London, son of Frank Kendon) is one of the world's foremost authorities on the topic of gesture. He initially focused on sign systems in Papua New Guinea and Australian Aboriginal sign languages, before developing a general framework for understanding gestures with the same kind of rigorous semiotic analysis as has been previously applied to spoken language.

Educated at University of Cambridge and Oxford Universities in biology and experimental psychology, his thesis topic—communication conduct in face-to-face interaction—spelled out the interests he would pursue in subsequent decades. He is noted for his study of gesture and sign languages and how these relate to spoken language.

He is currently (as of 2011) editor of the journal GESTURE, published since 2001 by John Benjamins of Amsterdam.

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