Adam Kok III

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Adam Kok III, 1848
Adam Kok III
Preceded by Adam Kok II
Personal details
Born 16 October 1811
southern Africa
Died 30 December 1875(aged 64)
Mzimkulu, Natal
Relations Adam Kok II (father), Adam Kok (grandfather)

Adam Kok III (16 October 1811 - 30 December 1875) was a leader of the Griqua people in South Africa.[1]

The son of Adam Kok II, he grew up and was educated in the town of Philippolis in Transorangia (later to become known as Griqualand West). His father died in 1835 and, after a succession dispute with his older brother Abraham, Kok assumed the chieftainship in 1837.

After a series of land disputes with the British colonial government and the Boer Republic of the Orange Free State, Kok and his followers decided to trek over the Drakensberg Mountain Range in 1861, where they founded Griqualand East.

Kok was also responsible for establishing the capital of Griqualand East, Kokstad. He died on 30 December 1875 in Mzimkulu after falling off a cart in the mountains.


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