Adam MacDougall (musician)

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Adam MacDougall
Adam MacDougall.jpg
Adam MacDougall performing with The Black Crowes at the 2008 Newport Folk Festival.
Background information
Genres Rock
Instruments Keyboards
Associated acts The Black Crowes
The Ben Taylor Band
Macy Gray
Patti Rothberg
Chris Robinson Brotherhood
Phil Lesh and Friends

Adam MacDougall was born in August 1974 in New York City, New York.[1] MacDougall is the keyboardist who replaced Rob Clores in The Black Crowes in time to record Warpaint in July 2007. Previously, he was a member of The Ben Taylor Band[2] and Furslide, and he has also toured with Macy Gray and Patti Rothberg.[3]


with The Black Crowes[edit]

with Chris Robinson Brotherhood[edit]

  • Big Moon Ritual, June 5, 2012
  • The Magic Door, September 11, 2012
  • Phospheresent Harvest, April 29, 2014
  • Any Way You Love, We Know How You Feel, July 29, 2016


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