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Adam Milstein
Born1952 (age 66–67)[1]
ResidenceEncino, California
NationalityAmerican, Israeli
EducationTechnion (BSc)
OccupationReal estate investor
TitleChairman of the Israeli-American Council
Managing Partner of Hager Pacific Properties
Spouse(s)Gila Milstein

Adam Milstein (Hebrew: אדם מילשטיין‎; born 1952) is an Israeli-American real estate investor and philanthropist. He is a managing partner of Hager Pacific Properties.

In 2000, Milstein and his wife Gila founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. He is a co-founder of the Israeli-American Council, where he currently serves as Chairman of the Board. Both organizations support Israeli-American and Jewish-American identity and support of Israel.

Early life[edit]

Milstein was born in Haifa, Israel, the eldest child of Eva (née Temkin), a homemaker, and Hillel Milstein, a real estate developer.[2]

In 1971, Milstein was conscripted into the Israel Defense Forces and served during the 1973 Yom Kippur War. Afterwards he enrolled in the Technion, where he graduated in 1978 with a Bachelor of Science degree in business and economics. While in college, he worked with his father to expand their real estate construction and development business.[2]

In 1974, Milstein married Gila Elgrably in Haifa.[2] In 1981, the family moved to the United States. In 1983, Milstein received an MBA from the University of Southern California.[3] He started working in commercial real estate as a sales agent.[4]

Personal life[edit]

Milstein and his wife Gila live in Encino, California. They have three daughters and three grandchildren.[5]


Milstein is a managing partner of Hager Pacific Properties, overseeing the firm’s financing, disposition and accounting.[6] The firm specializes in acquiring, rehabilitating and repositioning industrial, retail, office and multi-family properties.[7]

In 2009 he was sentenced to three months in prison and 600 hours of community service for tax fraud. He was also fined $30,000 and required to pay back taxes.[8][9][10]

Philanthropy and activism[edit]

In 2000, Milstein and his wife Gila founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation (MFF). The organization sponsors education of students and young professionals to identify with their Jewish roots, connect with the State of Israel, and gain knowledge to advocate for the State of Israel and the Jewish people.[11]

Milstein is a co-founder of the Israeli-American Council.[12][13][14] In 2015 he was named Chairman of the group.[15][16][17]

Milstein also sits on the boards of StandWithUs, Israel on Campus Coalition, Hasbara Fellowships, Jewish Funders Network, Birthright Israel, Stand By Me, and the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) National Council.[18][19]

Milstein and his wife Gila are co-founders of Sifriyat Pijama B'America, which provides free monthly books in Hebrew to more than 70 Israeli-Jewish American families in the United States.[11] In 2016, they started "The Donor Forum," an initiative to connect pro-Israel donors with pro-Israel causes.[20]

In June 2015, Milstein joined with Sheldon Adelson and Haim Saban to organize the inaugural Campus Maccabees summit.[21] The event brought together more than 50 organizations to collaborate against anti-Semitic groups or activities on college campuses in the United States.[22]

Milstein strongly opposes the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) Movement,[23][24] and has had several op-ed pieces published on this subject.[25][26][27][28]

In 2016, The Jerusalem Post selected Milstein for its list of the world's 50 most influential Jews.[1][29] In 2015 and 2016, Algemeiner Journal named Milstein to its list, "The Top 100 People Positively Influencing Jewish Life, 2015."[30][31]

In 2016, JTA ranked Milstein as one of the top 25 most influential people on "Jewish Twitter."[32]

Gil Troy identifies Milstein as a contemporary leader of cultural Zionism in his book The Zionist Ideas; Visions for the Jewish Homeland — Then, Now, Tomorrow (2018). The section on Milstein presents his "vision of Israeliness to invigorate Zionism and Jewish identity—in Israel and abroad."[33]


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