Adam Munson

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Adam Munson
As the World Turns character
Portrayed by
  • 1988–2002
  • 2006–07
  • 2009
First appearanceSeptember 8, 1988
Last appearanceSeptember 30, 2009
Created byDouglas Marland
Introduced by
ClassificationFormer, regular
Other namesRiley Morgan
  • Soldier
  • Music Producer
  • Student at USC Film School
  • Student Intern at WOAK-TV
  • Graduate of Oakdale High School

Adam Christopher Harold Munson (previously Adam Christopher Hughes) is a fictional character on CBS's daytime drama As the World Turns.


Adam Munson is the son of Margo Montgomery Hughes and was initially thought to be her son with husband Thomas "Tom" Hughes, but it later came out that he was the son of Margo's friend and colleague Harold "Hal" Munson Jr., resulting from an affair Margo and Hal had. Though he had a bit of difficulty at first accepting this news, he eventually came to regard both Tom and Hal as his fathers.

While a teenager, he began a friendship with Abigail "Abby" Williams, which later evolved into a romance, when the two were forced to become fugitives (when Abigail was a murder suspect; she was later cleared of the charges). The two headed to the West Coast together to enroll in USC in 2002, but later broke up. While in LA, Adam became a professional in the recording industry.

Adam returned to Oakdale in 2006, following the death of his father, Lt. Hal Munson. His brothers Casey Hughes and William "Will" Munson talked him into producing a recording for Will's wife, aspiring singer Gwen Norbeck. Though his initial interest in Gwen was strictly professional, he eventually became more and more obsessed with her, until he began attempting to sabotage Will and Gwen's marriage. Through a series of events, which resulted in Casey's arrest for stealing $10,000 in bonds intended to finish Gwen's recording (and which Adam planted in Gwen and Will's house to make it look like Will had a hand in the theft), Adam attempted, in February 2007, to leave town abruptly, but was intercepted in the woods (en route to the highway) by Gwen. He attempted to force himself sexually on Gwen and Madeline "Maddie" Coleman attempted to come to Gwen's aid, hitting Adam over the head with a fallen tree branch, killing him.

It is later discovered that Adam was not dead. He goes into hiding for several weeks, sending Gwen mysterious packages. He finally reveals himself to Maddie and Gwen, tying Maddie up and attempting to rape Gwen. He is stopped by Will, who shows up with Casey. Will and Casey order Adam to leave town.

On June 3, 2009, Sgt. Riley Morgan, played by Tom Degnan, tells both Margo and Tom that Adam died in Afghanistan. On the next day they have a memorial service for him. Margo invites Riley into her home to stay. Him and Casey butt heads because Casey thinks Margo is trying to replace Adam with Riley.

On June 26, 2009 Casey gets proof that Riley Morgan died in Afghanistan. He wonders who the man living in his house really is. Riley overhears this revelation and decides to skip town. Margo goes to find Riley and confront him. On his way out of town, Riley is held at gunpoint by Col. Winston Mayer. Margo comes to his aid and Col. Mayer shoots her. Riley in turn shoots Col. Mayer in self-defense. He rushes to Margo's side and Col. Mayer escapes. Riley holds Margo in his arms, calling her "Mom" and asking her to please be okay. Margo later reveals to Casey that Riley is his brother, Adam.

On September 9, 2009, Adam turns himself in to the police after Margo tells Tom that Riley is their son Adam and he admits to Alison about his identity. He tries to get his father to represent him as his lawyer but Tom refuses. On September 17, 2009, Adam tells Margo that he is going to plead guilty. Margo goes to Tom to beg him to represent Adam. Adam tells Casey (with Alison eavesdropping) that he wasn't in any way justified in what he did but that he lost it when Maddie and Gwen buried him alive. Alison tells him that could help him in his defense but Adam refuses to further hurt and involve Maddie and Gwen. Tom shows up and tells Adam that he will represent him. Casey storms off because he thinks Tom is being too lenient. Adam say he refuses Tom's help because he knows Tom doesn't really want to but Tom says he does because even though he is severely disappointed in Adam, Adam is still his son. Later, after Maddie testifies on his behalf, and is subsequently cleared, Adam leaves town. Adam did not return to Oakdale before the end of ATWT.


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