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Adam Riches
Born 10 December 1979
Cambridge, England, UK
Occupation Actor

Adam Riches (born 10 December 1979) is a British comedian, and 2011 winner of the Foster's Edinburgh Comedy Award.[1]

Early life[edit]

He was born in Cambridge, England, but raised in Glasgow and London, where he attended Sutton Grammar School for Boys. Following a brief spell working at Disneyland Paris, he studied media and performance at Salford University.[2] He worked as a bit-part actor on TV before doing his first show at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2003.

Comic style[edit]

His performances involve audience participation, including getting audience members to play Swingball and race on skateboards.[2]

Edinburgh Fringe Shows[edit]

  • Plat du Nuit - The Comeback Special (2003). Riches and Jim Johnson played a lounge music act attempting a comeback.[3]
  • Victor (2007). Riches played Victor Legit, a surveillance officer combatting copyright violation. The Scotsman gave it 3 stars out of five.[4]
  • Alpha Males (2008). Riches played various characters, including the return of Victor. One night while performing this show, Riches slipped on some yogurt and broke his leg; he returned five days later, performing in a wheelchair.[2] The show got 4 stars from the Scotsman.[5]
  • Bring Me the Head of Adam Riches (2011). His Edinburgh Comedy Award-winning show, also receiving 5 stars from the Telegraph[6] and Independent.[7] It later transferred to the Soho Theatre, London, in 2012.[8]


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