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Adam Ruins Everything
Adam Ruins Everything logo.png
Educational television
Created byAdam Conover
Developed byCollegeHumor
Directed byPaul Briganti
StarringAdam Conover
Theme music composerJesse Novak
No. of seasons2
No. of episodes48 (list of episodes)
Executive producer(s)Jon Cohen
Adam Conover
Spencer Griffin
Sam Reich
Producer(s)Paul Briganti
Jeremy Reitz
Dave Oberg
CinematographyMatt Garrett
Editor(s)James Fitzpatrick
Kent Kincannon
Camera setupSingle camera
Production company(s)Big Breakfast
Original networktruTV
Original releaseSeptember 29, 2015 (2015-09-29) – present (present)
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Adam Ruins Everything is an American educational comedy television series starring Adam Conover that debuted on September 29, 2015, with a 12-episode season on truTV. On January 7, 2016, it was announced that the show had been picked up for 14 additional episodes of season 1 to air starting on August 23, 2016.[1][2][3] The series aims to debunk misconceptions that pervade U.S. society.

On December 7, 2016, truTV announced the renewal of Adam Ruins Everything for a 16-episode second season,[4] which premiered on July 11, 2017.[5] An additional miniseries of six animated episodes premiered on March 20, 2018.[6][7] On May 9, 2018, TruTV announced the show had been renewed for a third season, set to premiere in the fall of 2018.[8]


Adam Ruins Everything is based on a CollegeHumor web series of the same name, and stars comedian Adam Conover (who was also the star of the CollegeHumor series) as the host. Each episode begins with an ordinary person (sometimes a recurring character, other times not) going about their daily lives before stating a common misconception regarding a certain topic. Adam will then appear seemingly out of nowhere and introduce himself, leading to the opening titles. Openly breaking the fourth wall, Adam will deconstruct three specific misconceptions related to the episode's topic, using his "magical TV host powers" to introduce sketch characters, time travel and animated segments, much to the other person's annoyance. To back up his claims, Adam will cite peer-review articles appearing in a corner of the screen and invite experts in the related fields, who will provide their educated insight. At the end of the third segment, the other person's frustration will reach the critical point, their new knowledge making everything related to the episode's topic seem pointless, useless and impossible to fix. Adam will then respond with a "positive takeaway", explaining how many aspects of the discussed topic are actually helpful, and others are being improved upon, telling them how they can do their part to improve the society and their lives. Their enthusiasm renewed, the other person will thank Adam for the experience, with the final scene often playing a part in the ongoing storyline.

The first season featured segments "Ever wondered why?" which briefly touched on subjects unrelated to the episode's main topic. The second season replaced these segments with "Tell me more", where Adam interviews one of the experts out of character and without any special effects.


  • Adam Conover as Himself, the main protagonist who serves as the guide for the audience and the secondary character of the episode. The reason he ruins popular ideas for people is because he believes that knowing the truth is always better. His social skills are somewhat limited by his need to bring up uncomfortable facts, and he constantly annoys people with his revelations but is genuinely kind-hearted.
  • Emily Axford as Herself, a high school teacher, friend to Adam, and wife to Murph. She is a frequent target of Adam's revelations and has gotten used to him. Compared to other characters, she is more on Adam's level: she will occasionally preempt Adam in debunking a false idea, such as in "Adam Ruins Sex" and "Adam Ruins Malls", and in "Emily Ruins Adam," she hosts the episode to debunk the premise of Adam's show.
  • Brian K. Murphy as Murph, a high school PE/health teacher, friend to Adam, and husband to Emily. His life events (marriage, children) are a frequent target of Adam's revelations.
  • Hayley Marie Norman as Haley, Emily's friend who started to date Adam until she was killed in "Adam Ruins Death".
  • Veronica Osorio as Veronica, One of Emily's friends and animal lover.
  • Rhea Butcher as Rhea Conover, Adam's younger sister and public defender, who owns a house where Adam lives. She made her debut in "Adam Ruins Football".
  • Nicole Roberts as Kendra Perkins, a former prisoner and a friend of both Emily and Adam. She acted as Adam's co-host in her debut episode "Adam Ruins Prison".
  • Punam Patel as Melinda, Adam's girlfriend starting at the end of "Emily Ruins Adam". She and Adam met online while editing the same Wikipedia page. In "Adams Ruins Conspiracy Theories", she expresses credence in Moon landing conspiracy theories, which Adam then debunks. She and Adam end their relationship in Adam Ruins the Future.
  • RuPaul as Gil, Melinda's boss at a luxurious water fountain company. He is introduced in "Adam Ruins His Vacation" and makes a reappearance in "Adam Ruins the Future", the same episode where Adam and Melinda end their relationship.[9]
  • Chris Parnell as the Narrator. He provides the conventional narration of the Reanimated History episodes which are ruined by Adam.[10]


These actors appear in featured roles, often as historical figures that help illustrate the origins of the ideas that Adam scrutinizes.


The Verge's Sean O'Kane stated in an op-ed that the episode "Adam Ruins Going Green" misrepresented a report on electric cars by Slate magazine. He writes:

The show released a response to O'Kane's op-ed after facing a larger than usual response to the episode. Among a general defense of the claims of the episode, they stated:

The show also responded on their Season 2, Episode 8, correction episode "Emily Ruins Adam", saying "If that many people misread our argument, we should have done a better job explaining it."[13]

The YouTube channel "Now You Know" released a video debunking many of the claims made in the episode "Adam Ruins Going Green", specifically the segment regarding electric vehicles. [14]. The video by "Now You Know" stated that "Adam Ruins Everything" used outdated data when describing the electrical grid in the United States that electric vehicles may charge from. They showed that the average national electric grid has added much more renewable energy sources that the researchers from "Adam Ruins Everything" did not take into account when calculating the carbon emissions from an electric vehicle. Furthermore, they stated that the researchers at "Adam Ruins Everything" did not take into account the energy needed to refine gasoline when comparing the emissions from an electric vehicle with that of an internal combustion engine vehicle. The presenters at "Now You Know" also debunked the claim made in the episode that if one third of all drivers in the United States switched to an electric vehicle the carbon footprint savings would be "tiny". The presenters at "Now You Know" went on to state that an electric vehicle that is charged using solar panels would produce no carbon emissions (both from tailpipe and upstream sources) and that indeed many electric vehicles are charged from solar panels. The presenters at "Now You Know" stated that the carbon emissions needed to produce an electric vehicle are indeed significant (as stated in the episode of "Adam Ruins Everything") but these carbon emissions are not specific to electric vehicles (internal combustion engine vehicles also produce large amounts of carbon in the manufacturing process) and these figures were obtained from a Guardian article in 2010 that derived these numbers from simple calculations and that were based on an electrical grid that was much higher weighted towards coal. The use of coal for electrical power has decreased significantly and has been partially replaced by renewable sources since 2010.

Mai Thi Nguyen-Kim, a chemist and edutainer working for Germany's public broadcasting criticized a portion of the episode "Adam Ruins Science" about animal testing for making misleading claims about scientists and misquoting sources. According to Nguyen-Kim, contrary to the claims of the show, scientists are well aware of the limitations of laboratory mice as a model for the human organism. But despite their limitations, testing on laboratory mice has a positive cost-benefit ratio, since clinical trials would be orders of magnitudes more expensive.[15]


SeasonEpisodesOriginally aired
First airedLast aired
126September 29, 2015 (2015-09-29)December 27, 2016 (2016-12-27)
222July 11, 2017 (2017-07-11)April 24, 2018 (2018-04-24)
310[16]November 27, 2018 (2018-11-27)[17]TBA

International broadcast[edit]

In Canada, the series premiered on January 12, 2017 on Much.[18] The series is also broadcast on SBS Viceland in Australia.[19]


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