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Several houses in Scotland are referred to as the Adam Smith House, as each was the home of economist Adam Smith.

Kirkcaldy house[edit]

A 19th-century building in Kirkcaldy, near the location of the house of Adam Smith's mother, where Smith lived from 1767–1776, and wrote The Wealth of Nations

Adam Smith lived with his mother, in his mother's house, in Kirkcaldy, Scotland, during 1767–1776. That house, on High Street, is where he wrote The Wealth of Nations. The house was torn down in 1834.[1] The successor building, at Nos 218–222 High Street, pictured, was built in 1834 and is itself a historic building, holding Category B Listed building status.[2]

Adam Smith's Panmure House[edit]

A building named the Panmure House (unrelated to Panmure House, a former mansion) was Smith's home in Edinburgh, Scotland during 1788 to 1790. In 2008, Adam Smith's Panmure House was purchased by the Edinburgh Business School.[3] The building survives but has not been treated well.[4]


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