Adam Smith School of Economics and Finance

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Adam Smith Business School
Motto Via, Veritas, Vita
Motto in English
"The Way, The Truth, The Life"
Type Public university/Ancient university
Established 1451 (1776)
Undergraduates 2600 (approx)
Postgraduates 1700 (approx)
Location Glasgow, Scotland, UK

The Adam Smith Business School (formerly known as 'Adam Smith School of Economics and Finance') at Glasgow University continues a prominent academic and professional record which dates back to the academically acclaimed father of economics, Adam Smith (1723–1790). Serving as Professor of Moral Philosophy, he published a series of seminal works such as The Theory of Moral Sentiments, The Wealth of Nations and Lectures on Jurisprudence; the culmination of which set a foundational precedent for classical economic theory 300 years after the university's inception in 1451.

The School's illustrious historical reputation in academia maintains to the modern day and remains in the forefront of academic research in international finance, international economics and macroeconomics. As of 2016 the business school offers 4 undergraduate, 35 postgraduate as well as various PhD-Degrees and is one of few institutions holding the honourable triple crown accretitation.

Academic Staff[edit]


  • Professor Campbell Leith
  • Professor Charles Nolan
  • Professor Gabriel Talmain
  • Professor Jim Malley
  • Professor Ronald MacDonald

Senior Lecturers and Lecturers[edit]

  • Dr Alberto Paloni
  • Dr Alexander Kovalenkov
  • Dr Alexandros Kontonikas
  • Dr Alexandros Kostakis
  • Dr Céline Azémar
  • Dr Francesca Flamini
  • Dr Gang Xu
  • Dr Ioana Moldovan
  • Dr Joe Byrne
  • Dr Konstantinos Angelopoulos
  • Dr Luis Angeles
  • Dr Mario Cerrato
  • Dr Michele Lombardi
  • Dr Sai Ding
  • Dr Xiaoshan Chen
  • Jeanette Findlay
  • Mr Tony Gloyne


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