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Adam Fredric Streisand[1] (born June 9, 1963 in New York City, New York)[2] is an American trial attorney notable for his involvement in high-profile litigation with regard to private wealth disputes: "Adam Streisand is widely regarded as one of the nation's top trial attorneys, particularly in high profile litigation involving private wealth disputes, fiduciary litigation, business succession and partnership disputes and litigation involving trusts, estates and conservatorships."[3][4][5] He is credited with "rescuing" both NBA franchises in Los Angeles, having represented former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer at trial against Donald Sterling over the Los Angeles Clippers,[6] and Jeanie Buss in litigation over control of the Los Angeles Lakers.[7][8][9][10] Streisand is repeatedly named one of the top trial lawyers in the U.S. and in California, and one of the most influential people in Los Angeles,[3][4][5][11] for these and many other victories in battles over the estates of the rich and famous, including Michael Jackson,[12] Tom Petty,[13] Hugh Hefner,[14] Muhammad Ali, Ray Charles, Marilyn Monroe,[15] Marlon Brando, Douglas Tompkins,[16][17][18] Barry White, Dennis Hopper, Michael Crichton,[19][20] Anna Nicole Smith, Rodney Dangerfield, Rock Hudson,[21] Joey Bishop, Bing Crosby, Gore Vidal,[22][23] Carroll Shelby, Alan Thicke,[24] Terry Semel[25] Allen Paulson[26] and others.


Early career[edit]

Streisand graduated from Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut, with a BA in History.[27] During college, he studied at the Sorbonne in Paris for one academic year.[27] After college, he served as Legislative Aide to U.S. Senator Barbara Mikulski (D-Md).[27] Streisand graduated cum laude from American University, Washington College of Law, a member of the Honor Society, and an editor of the Law Review.[27]

Streisand began his legal career litigating entertainment cases. On behalf of his clients, Beastie Boys and Capitol Records, Streisand won the first digital sampling case in the U.S. Courts of Appeals, Newton v. Diamond, et al.[28][29] Streisand won a palimony case for comedian Bill Maher brought by former girlfriend, Coco Johnson.[30][31] Streisand achieved a significant settlement against Faye Dunaway, Terrence McNally and others over the film rights to the stage play Master Class for producer Lester Persky.[32] Streisand successfully defended Diana Ross in a copyright infringement action by photographer Art Shay. He successfully litigated a copyright infringement action for BMG Music Publishing against Melissa Etheridge. Streisand represented Quincy Jones, the key witness in the defamation trial by Steve Wynn against "Girls Gone Wild" creator Joe Francis, in which the jury returned a $40 million verdict.[33] Streisand obtained an injunction for Jacques Cousteau against the use of the Cousteau name in connection with a Fiji resort against Jean-Michel Cousteau and others. Britney Spears retained Streisand in connection with the petition to establish a conservatorship over the singer.[34][35][36][37] Streisand successfully represented Kobe Bryant in a defamation action.

Estate litigation[edit]

Streisand transitioned from entertainment litigation to trust and estate litigation, becoming well known for success in celebrity estate cases.[38][39][40][41][42][43][44][45] He has been recognized for achievements in traditional or non-celebrity estate cases.[46][47][48][49] Streisand has been widely acknowledged as a leading American trial attorney, particularly in the field of trust and estate litigation.[3][50][51][52][53] Streisand is noted as one of the best trial attorneys in the country and for his strategic vision. Streisand is well known as the architect of the strategy to rely on an arcane provision of the California probate code, section 1310b, and resulting trial victory for Steve Ballmer resulting in his $2 billion purchase of the Los Angeles Clippers.[54] Given Streisand's well acknowledged expertise, he is also involved in the drafting of legislation, including in particular, due to his experience in both entertainment and estates, amendments drafted by Streisand to the California Celebrities Rights Act to ensure the protection of a deceased celebrity's name and likeness and its descendibility to the celebrity's heirs.[55] The estate of Marilyn Monroe retained Streisand to draft the amendments to the California Celebrities Rights Act.



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