Adamasta Rock

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Adamasta Rock Beacon
Map showing the location of Adamasta Rock
Location Islands District, Hong Kong
Near Cheung Chau, Ha So Pai, Lantau Island Sesame Bay, Adamasta Channel
Coordinates 22°13′22″N 114°1′18″E / 22.22278°N 114.02167°E / 22.22278; 114.02167Coordinates: 22°13′22″N 114°1′18″E / 22.22278°N 114.02167°E / 22.22278; 114.02167
Adamasta Rock
Traditional Chinese 北長洲石

The Adamasta Rock (Chinese: 北長洲石) is an uninhabited undersea rock in Hong Kong, in the centre of the busy Adamasta Channel between the Chi Ma Wan Peninsula of Lantau Island and Cheung Chau island, in Hong Kong. It falls within the Islands District.

The rock is submerged at high water and presents a significant shipping hazard due to its location in the middle of the Adamasta shipping channel. The Hong Kong Marine Department have installed a fixed beacon on the rock and lights on either side to warn shipping.

On Sunday 8 May 2011, the river trader "Zhong Fu Fa Zhan" grounded on the rock.