Adamello-Presanella Alps

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Adamello-Presanella Alps
Adamello - Monte Mandrone.jpg
Adamello-Presanella Alps seen from the Tonale Pass road.
Highest point
Peak Cima Presanella
Elevation 3,558 m (11,673 ft)
Coordinates 46°13′10″N 10°39′51″E / 46.21944°N 10.66417°E / 46.21944; 10.66417
Country Italy
Range coordinates 46°11.7′N 10°37.5′E / 46.1950°N 10.6250°E / 46.1950; 10.6250
Parent range Southern Limestone Alps (Eastern Alps)
Mount Adamello's North face with Venerocolo dam in the foreground

The Adamello-Presanella Alps Alpine group is a mountain range in the Southern Limestone Alps mountain group of the Eastern Alps. It is located in northern Italy, in the provinces of Trentino and Brescia. The name stems from its highest peaks: Adamello and Presanella.

The Adamello-Presanella Group is separated from the Ortler Alps in the north by the Tonale Pass; from the Bergamo Alps in the west by the Oglio valley (Val Camonica); from the Brenta Group in the east by the Campo Carlo Magno Pass and the river Sarca; to the south it continues towards Lake Iseo.


The main peaks of the Adamello-Presanella Group are:

Peak Elevation (m/ft)
Presanella 3558 11,694
Adamello 3554 11,661
Carè Alto 3465 11,369
Dosson di Genova 3430 11,254
Crozzon di Lares 3354 11,004
Corno di Baitone 3331 10,929
Busazza 3329 10,922
Lobbia Alta 3196 10,486


The main mountain passes of the Adamello-Presanella Group are:

Pass Location Type Elevation (m/ft)
Passo di Lares Lares Glacier to the Lobbia Glacier snow 3195 10,483
Passo di Cercen Val di Genova to Fucine snow 3043 9984
Passo della Lobbia Alta Lobbia Glacier to the Mandron Glacier snow 3036 9961
Passo di Presena Val di Genova to the Tonale Pass snow 3011 9879
Pisgana Pass Val di Genova to Ponte di Legno snow 2934 9626
Passo della Forcellina or di Campo Cedegolo to the Val di Fumo foot path 2288 7507
Croce Domini Pass Breno to Bagolino road 1895 6217
Tonale Pass Cles to Edolo road 1884 6181
Colle Maniva Val Trompia to Bagolino road 1669 5476
Campo Carlo Magno Dimaro to Pinzolo road 1648 5407

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