Adamo Abate

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Saint Adamo Abate
Saint Adamo Abate.jpg
Pietro Bardellino, La Messa di Sant’Adamo (Saint Adam’s Mass), oil on canvas, 1796 (detail). Collegiata di S. Maria Maggiore, Guglionesi.[1]
Born c. 990
Died May 3, 1060–1070
Venerated in Guglionesi
Feast June 3

Saint Adamo Abate (c. 990 – 1060–1070) was an Italian medieval Benedictine abbot, a promoter of the unification of the Southern populations in Italy under Roger II of Sicily.

He was born in Petazio (today Petacciato) and was baptized in Guglionesi. He died on May 3 between the years 1060 and 1070.

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