Adams Glacier (Wilkes Land)

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Adams Glacier (Wilkes Land)
Antarctica Map.png
Map of Antarctica, with Wilkes Land slightly to the right
Map showing the location of Adams Glacier (Wilkes Land)
Map showing the location of Adams Glacier (Wilkes Land)
Location of Adams Glacier (Wilkes Land) in Antarctica
Location Wilkes Land
Coordinates 66°50′S 109°40′E / 66.833°S 109.667°E / -66.833; 109.667
Length 20 nmi (37 km; 23 mi)
Terminus Vincennes Bay

Adams Glacier (66°50′S 109°40′E / 66.833°S 109.667°E / -66.833; 109.667Coordinates: 66°50′S 109°40′E / 66.833°S 109.667°E / -66.833; 109.667), also known as John Quincy Adams Glacier, is a broad channel glacier in Wilkes Land, Antarctica which is over 20 miles (32 km) long. It debouches into the head of Vincennes Bay, just east of Hatch Islands. It was first mapped in 1955 by G.D. Blodgett from aerial photographs taken by U.S. Navy Operation Highjump (1947), and it was named by the Advisory Committee on Antarctic Names (US-ACAN) for John Quincy Adams, sixth President of the United States. Adams was instrumental while later serving as U.S. representative from Massachusetts in gaining congressional authorization of the United States Exploring Expedition (1838–42) under Lieutenant Charles Wilkes, and perpetuating the compilation and publication of the large number of scientific reports based on the work of this expedition.

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 This article incorporates public domain material from the United States Geological Survey document "Adams Glacier" (content from the Geographic Names Information System).