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Adans Lopez Peres was born in Crema, Italy, on 8 of November, 1975, son of Portuguese Salvador de Jesus Peres (son of Aristides Peres) and Spanish mother Beatriz López-Calderón and brother of Ivan Lopez Peres. He is a Portuguese acrobatic hand-to-hand artist and a fifth-generation performer, the eldest son of an acrobat-clown and a classically trained flamenco dancer.

He is a well-known performer but is probably best known as the second husband of Princess Stéphanie of Monaco. He is 10 years her junior. They allegedly married secretly in Vandœuvres on 12 September 2003. On 22 July 2004, Germany's illustrated Bild newspaper reported that Stephanie had split from Peres. That autumn they were divorced on 24 November 2004, after only 10 months of marriage, without issue.