Adap Galo Maringá Football Club

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Adap Galo Maringá
ADAP Galo Maringá.jpg
Full nameAdap Galo Maringá Football Club
Founded2006; 13 years ago (2006)
GroundWillie Davids
2007Eliminated in first stage (Série C)

Adap Galo Maringá Football Club, usually known as Adap Galo Maringá, Galo/Adap, Galo Adap, Adap Galo or ADAP Galo, is a Brazilian football club from Maringá, Paraná state. The club competed in the Brazilian Championship Third Division in 2007, but currently it is inactivated.


On November 25, 2006, two Paraná state clubs, ADAP, of Campo Mourão city, and Galo Maringá, of Maringá city, fused,[1] and the new club was named Adap Galo Maringá Football Club.[2][3] The club kept the same colors and kits of Galo Maringá, but the official club's foundation date was ADAP's one, 1999. Adap Galo Maringá's logo is similar to Galo Maringá's, but including the words "ADAP" and "1999" and at the same time keeping the name "Galo Maringá".[4]

On January 14, 2007, Adap Galo Maringá played its first official match, against Nacional of Rolândia, at Willie Davids Stadium, Maringá and won 3-1. This was also the club's first Campeonato Paranaense match.[5] In the same year, the club competed in the Brazilian Championship Third Division, but was eliminated in the first stage.[6] In 2009 the club sent a letter to the Federation Paranaense quitting football competition since then the club is not activated.


Adap Galo Maringá's home stadium is Willie Davids stadium,[1] inaugurated in 1957, with a maximum capacity of 23,000 people.[7]

The club also owns a training ground, in Campo Mourão.[1]

Club colors[edit]

Adap Galo's colors are black and white, which were the colors of Galo Maringá.[4]


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