Adaptation (disambiguation)

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Adaptation, in biology, is the process or trait by which organisms or population better match their environment

Adaptation may also refer to:


Biology and medicine[edit]

Communication technology[edit]

  • ATM adaptation layer, information transfer protocols that support Asynchronous Transfer Mode
  • Content adaptation, transforming content to adapt to device capabilities, particularly in mobile devices
  • Link adaptation, Adaptive coding and modulation in wireless communication

Control and information theory[edit]

Human sciences[edit]

  • Behavioral adaptation, an adjustment to another type of behavior or environmental context
  • Hedonic adaptation, the ability of preserving at a stable level of happiness despite better or worse changes in the personal material life
  • Psychological adaptation, a mind and body interaction which results from competitive or cooperation types of evolution
  • Preconditioning (adaptation), a general concept in which an entity is exposed to some type of stress or reinforcement stimulus, in order to become more resilient when and if that external factor would happen anytime in the future

Other uses[edit]