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This is a list of adaptations of Anna Karenina, the novel by Leo Tolstoy.


  • 1907: Anna Karénine by French playwright Edmond Guiraud.
  • 1937: Anna Karenina by Russian Vladimir Nemirovich-Danchenko
  • 1950s: a stage version of Anna Karenina has played at the Madach Theatre of Budapest.
  • 1992: Anna Karenina by English playwright Helen Edmundson and theatre company Shared Experience; an English stage adaptation of the novel which won London Time Out Award for Outstanding Theatrical Event of 1992.
  • 2008: Anna Karenina by Lithuanian director Eimuntas Nekrošius, Italian production.
  • 2010: Anna Karenina by Ukrainian director and playwright Andriy Zholdak; a Finnish stage version of the novel.
  • 2012: Anna Karenina by American playwright Kevin McKeon and Portland Center Stage director Chris Coleman; an English stage version of the novel.





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