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Adaptec, Inc., a company based in Milpitas, California, produced computer storage products until it sold its storage-business operations to PMC-Sierra in 2010.

Industry Semiconductors, Storage Industry
Fate Acquired by PMC-Sierra in 2010
Founded 1984 (1984)
Headquarters Sunnyvale, California, USA
Key people
CEO, and President: Greg Lang Chairman: Jonathan J. Judge
Number of employees
1,500 employees: design, technical, marketing and sales teams throughout North America, Europe, Israel and Asia


Larry Boucher founded Adaptec in 1981.[1] At first, Adaptec focused on devices with SCSI interfaces.

On May 10, 2010, PMC-Sierra, Inc. and Adaptec, Inc. announced they had entered into a definitive agreement of PMC-Sierra acquiring Adaptec's channel storage business on May 8, 2010, which included Adaptec's RAID storage product line, the Adaptec brand, a global value added reseller customer base, board logistics capabilities, and SSD cache performance solutions.[2] The transaction was expected to close in approximately 30 days, subject to customary closing conditions.[3] Following the sale, Adaptec would retain its Aristos ASIC technology business, certain real estate assets, more than 200 patents, and approximately $400 million in cash and marketable securities.[4][5]

On June 8, 2010, PMC-Sierra, Inc. and Adaptec, Inc. announced the completion of the acquisition.[6][7] PMC-Sierra renamed the channel storage business "Adaptec by PMC".


Adaptec produced interface products involving SCSI, USB, IEEE 1394, iSCSI, Fibre Channel, and video.[8] Adaptec once produced CD- and DVD-burning software under the brand names of Easy CD Creator and Toast, as well as network-attached storage devices such as the Snap Server product line.



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