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For the Marvel Comics character, see Super-Adaptoid.

The Adaptoid is a Nintendo 64 controller to USB adapter, produced by Wish Technologies, Inc from 1999-2002.[1] Notably, it did much more than other similar adapters. The optional driver software included a direct-access API that allowed emulators to communicate directly with the N64 controller or other peripherals. An N64 emulator could work with real N64 accessories like the Memory Pak, GB Transfer Pak, Rumble Pak, Bio Pak, or VRU microphone accessory. Wish Technologies went out of business in 2002, resulting in the Adaptoid becoming a rare product.

ZTNET production[edit]

ZTNET Actually did do some runs on production in 2008, you can all clean this up later.

On February 19, 2008, an online webstore named ZTNET announced their intention to perform a production run of new Adaptoids, pending an order of a needed part from an unnamed third-party. Upon announcement they began taking pre-orders, promising to ship them as soon as the production run completed, and if for any reason the run could not be completed, all customers would be refunded in full. As of June 2011, however, none of them have been shipped, with no updates on their progress since April 30, 2008. ZTNET staff refuses to respond to any inquiries regarding the status of the Adaptoid, leaving most people who pre-ordered the product to feel they have been dealt with fraudulently.

As of February 21, 2009, registration on the domain expired, further reducing the likelihood of an eventual ship date. On March 11, 2009, registration expired on the main domain, eliminating the possibility of contacting site owner Zachary Williams via email.

On March 19, 2009, domain registration was updated for both and The page was restored as-is, but the domain showed a message stating "The ZTNet Store is temporarily offline. No pre-authorized orders will be shipped, and no cards will be charged. We apologize for this inconvienence, and will post more information here when available."

As of January 2010, the Web site was an otherwise blank page with the text "Coming soon to a browser near you" and the Web site did not exist. The domain expires in February 2010, followed by in March 2010. It seems unlikely that either site will be brought back online.

As of October 2010, the web site was updated, still pointing to ztnet store and still providing information about the latest "production run", which was never completed nor refunded.


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