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Born (1980-07-29) July 29, 1980 (age 38) [1]
GenresHardstyle, Raw Hardstyle
Years active2008-present
LabelsA2 Records, Roughstate Music
Associated actsGunz For Hire, A² All Stars, Driftwood, Roughstate Showcase & Shocksteady
MembersThijs Ploegmakers

Thijs Ploegmakers (born 29 July 1980),[2] performing as Adaro, is a Dutch DJ. He produced several electronic music styles, however in 2008, he began producing hardstyle with Ran-D which resulted in their first release on A2 Records "My Name Is Hardstyle." Adaro continued releasing his music on A2 Records until 2014. In March, 2015, alongside Ran-D, B-Front and Frequencerz, Adaro is one of the founders of hardstyle record label "Roughstate Music".

Adaro has been responsible for creating many well-known Hardstyle songs that have reached certain commercial success, including "Touch A Star" with B-Front feat. Dawnfire, which was awarded #4 in the Q-dance Top 100 countdown for 2018. More Adaro hits include his official Intents Festival anthem "Circus Of Insanity" with Digital Punk, "The Sky Is The Limit," his official remix for "Rellen in de Hel" by Dutch Hip-Hop artist EZG and his official remix of "GODD" by Trance artist Marco V.

In addition to his solo releases, Adaro has collaborated with many artists within the hardstyle genre such as The Prophet, Digital Punk, B-Front, Endymion, Hard Driver, E-Force and Crypsis.

Adaro is also a part of the hardstyle act Gunz For Hire together with Ran-D, which was created in 2011.[3] Gunz For Hire have released a discography of known Hardstyle hits, including "Bella Ciao," "Bolivia," "Plata O Plomo," "No Mercy," "Executioner Style," and "Armed & Dangerous" among others.

Adaro has performed at some of the largest EDM and Hardstyle events such as Decibel Outdoor Festival, Defqon.1 Festival (Netherlands & Australia), Qlimax, Mysteryland, Q-BASE, Tomorrowland, Qapital, Masters of Hardcore, Reverze and many other events. Aside from being recognised as a leading Hardstyle DJ and producer in his home country The Netherlands, globally, Adaro is also recognised as he has gained bookings in many countries including The United States, Mexico, Chile, Australia, China, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Scotland, Italy, France, Spain, Germany and Belgium.


Name Artist(s) Label Year
My Name Is Hardstyle Ran-D vs Adaro A2 Records 2008
Under Attack / Struggle For Existence Ran-D & Adaro A2 Records 2010
Hit You With That Bang Shit Adaro A2 Records 2011
Gangsters Don't Dance Gunz For Hire A2 Records 2011
The Haunter of the Dark Adaro A2 Records 2011
Put It On / Evolution Complete Gunz For Hire A2 Records 2011
The Italian Tribute Adaro Titanic Records 2012
Air (Dance Air Anthem 2012) The R3belz & Adaro Scantraxx Special 2012
No Time To Sleep Adaro A2 Records 2012
Kings of the Underground Gunz For Hire A2 Records 2012
Bolivia Gunz For Hire A2 Records 2012
Another Sh*t Track Crypsis & Adaro Minus Is More (Cryptology) 2012
Natural Born Killers Adaro & Digital Punk A2 Records 2013
Worth Fighting For (Qapital 2013 Anthem) B-Front & Adaro Q-Dance 2013
Sorrow Gunz For Hire A2 Records 2013
Answers (Adaro remix) Chain Reaction Minus is More 2013
History Adaro A2 Records 2013
Everyday Adaro & Digital Punk Self Released 2013
For The Street Adaro A2 Records 2013
I'm The King Adaro & The Prophet Scantraxx Recordz 2014
Swagger Gunz For Hire A2 Records 2014
My Soul To Take Adaro Roughstate 2015
Raggamuffin Adaro Roughstate 2015
Open The Gates Adaro & E-Force Roughstate 2015
Dark Universe Adaro & Rob Gee Roughstate 2015
Oldschool Flow Adaro & E-Force Roughstate 2015
Whiplashed Digital Punk & Adaro A2 Records 2015
Plata O Plomo Gunz for Hire Roughstate 2016
I'm A Criminal Gunz for Hire Roughstate 2016
Ik Wil Gewoon Muziek Horen Adje Van 'T Padje Free release 2016
Rock Now Adaro & B-Front Roughstate 2016
Executioner Style Gunz for Hire Roughstate 2016
Bassdrum Junkie Gunz For Hire Free release 2016
No Mercy Gunz For Hire Roughstate 2016
Murder Adaro Roughstate 2016
Rock & Roll Adaro & Endymion Roughstate 2016
Legs In The Air Adaro & Crypsis Roughstate 2016
The Party Never Dies Hard Driver & Adaro Dirty Workz 2016
SMACK Adaro & Hard Driver Roughstate 2016
Party Medicine Adaro & Outbreak Roughstate 2016
Raggamuffin (MYST Remix) Adaro Roughstate 2017
Open The Gates (Public Enemies Remix) Adaro & E-Force feat. Nolz Roughstate 2017
Bring You The Pain Adaro & Digital Punk Roughstate 2017
Circus Of Insanity (Official Intents Festival 2017 Anthem) Digital Punk & Adaro Unleashed Records 2017
The Show Of Madness Endymion & Adaro Nightbreed Nocturnal 2017
GODD (Adaro Remix) Marco V Derailed Traxx 2017
Disruption Adaro & Jack of Sound Roughstate 2017
The Sky Is The Limit Adaro Roughstate 2017
Armed & Dangerous Gunz For Hire Roughstate 2017
Welcome To Death Row Gunz For Hire Roughstate 2017
Inside My Head Gunz For Hire Roughstate 2018
Black Rain (Official Hard Bass Anthem 2018) Adaro feat. E-Life b2s Records 2018
Real Warrior Gunz For Hire Roughstate 2018
Bella Ciao Gunz For Hire Roughstate 2018
The Otherside Adaro Roughstate 2018
One More Time Adaro feat. Ellie Roughstate 2018
The Voice Of Fire Adaro Roughstate 2018
Flame Up High Adaro Roughstate 2018
We Will Be Immortal Gunz For Hire Roughstate 2018
Long Hard Summer E-Force & Adaro A2 Records 2018
Touch A Star Adaro & B-Front feat. Dawnfire Q-dance Records 2018
Midnight Sky Hard Driver & Adaro Dirty Workz 2019


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