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Adavale is located in Queensland
Coordinates25°49′0″S 144°47′0″E / 25.81667°S 144.78333°E / -25.81667; 144.78333Coordinates: 25°49′0″S 144°47′0″E / 25.81667°S 144.78333°E / -25.81667; 144.78333
Population141 (2006 census)[1]
LGA(s)Shire of Quilpie
State electorate(s)Warrego
Federal Division(s)Maranoa
Localities around Adavale:
Jundah Isisford Blackall
Eromanga Adavale Lango
Quilpie Quilpie Humeburn

Adavale is a town in South West Queensland, Australia. The town is located in the Shire of Quilpie local government area, 931 kilometres (578 mi) west of the state capital, Brisbane. It is within the local government area of Quilpie Shire.[2] At the 2006 census, Adavale and the surrounding area had a population of 141,[1] with the town itself having an estimated population of around 15.[3]


Stagecoach outside Adavale Post Office, 1907
StateLibQld 1 118076 Patrons of the Green Gate Hotel on the verandah, Adavale, 1928

First established in 1880, the town is believed to have been named for the wife of the Queensland Surveyor-General, William Alcock Tully.[4] According to one tradition, the wife Ada lost her veil near the site, hence the original name of Ada's Veil.[5] The town was once a thriving centre but the diversion of the proposed railway line to the south — through what would later become the town of Quilpie — saw the community dwindle away.[3]

Adavale Post Office opened on 1 January 1881 and closed in 1991.[6]

From 1889 to 1930, Adavale was the seat of local government, initially the Adavale Division and later its successor the Shire of Adavale.

The Adavale State School opened in 1888 as a provisional school, becoming a state school in 1909. It closed in 1968.[7][8]


The town is only accessible along a gravel road from Charleville in the east, Quilpie in the south and Blackall in the north.[3]


Between Adavale and Yaraka is Yapunyah waterhole.


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