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Also known asHeroin
Based onAre You Addicted? by Chai Jidan
Written byChai Jidan
Directed byDing Wei
StarringHuang Jingyu
Xu Weizhou
Theme music composerChai Jidan
Xu Weizhou
Opening themeIf Hai Has Yin
Ending themeWalk Slowly
Composer(s)Mr. Long
Xu Weizhou
Country of originChina
Original language(s)Mandarin
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes15
Production location(s)Beijing, China
Running time21~25 minutes per episode
Original networkiQiyi
Huace Film & TV (Youtube)
Original release29 January (2016-01-29) –
23 February 2016 (2016-02-23)

Addicted (Chinese: 上瘾; pinyin: Shàngyǐn), also known as Heroin, is a 2016 web series based on the boys' love novel Are You Addicted? (你丫上瘾了) by Chai Jidan. The series premiered on 29 January 2016, and aired for three episodes weekly until 23 February 2016 when it was banned by Chinese authorities.


Filming of the drama began on 30 November 2015 in Beijing, China and ended on 23 December 2015. Featuring new actors, the drama had a production budget of only 5 million yuan (around US$741,300).


Ever since he was young, Bai Luo Yin (Xu Weizhou) has been living with his careless but loving father, Bai Han Qi, and his sick grandmother. When he turned 16 years old, his biological mother Jiang Yuan remarried. Her new husband is a high-ranking military official, Gu Wei Ting.

Because of his mother's death, Gu Wei Ting's son, Gu Hai (Huang Jingyu), has been harboring a deep grudge towards his father. By the random hand of fate, the two step-brothers with wildly conflicting emotional backgrounds were placed in the same class at a Beijing high school, without knowing each other's background at first. With time, they slowly developed a special feeling toward one another. Their classmates, You Qi and Yang Meng, had been instrumental in the relationship.


Actor Role Thai name Description
Huang Jingyu (Johnny Huang) Gu Hai กู้ไห่ Main character, Son of Gu Wei Ting, Bai Luo Yin's love interest
Xu Weizhou (Timmy Xu) Bai Luo Yin ป๋ายลั่วอิน Main character, Son of Jiang Uyan, Gu Hai's love interest
Ling Fengsong You Qi โหยวฉี Classmate
Chen Wen Yang Meng หยางเหมิ่ง Classmate
Song Tao Bai Han Qi ป๋ายฮ่านฉี Bai Luo Yin's father
Wang Dong Gu Wei Ting ท่านนายพลกู้เหว่ยถิง Gu Hai's father
Liu Xiao Ye Jiang Yuan เจียงหยวน Bai Luo Yin's mother, Gu Hai's step-mother
Wang Yu Gu Yang กู้หยาง Gu Hai's cousin
Lou Qing Jin Lu Lu จินลูลู่ Gu Hai's former girlfriend
Zhou Yu Tong Shi Hui ฉือฮุ่ย Bai Luo Yin's former girlfriend


  • To be updated as more information is revealed
Episode No. Original air date
1 January 29, 2016
Bai Han Qi, Bai Luo Yin's father, accidentally throws Luo Yin's underwear to the drain. Luo Yin then informs his friend Yang Meng that his mother (Jiang Yuan) is getting married. Meanwhile, Gu Hai is conflicted on deciding to whether or not attend his dad's remarriage ceremony and approaches his girlfriend, Jin Lu Lu, for advice. He later has dinner with his dad, Gu Wei Ting, and his future new stepmother Jiang Yuan, but the dinner soon turns sour as the father and son quarrel. Luo Yin ignores his mother when she advises him on his future education, and she is later scolded by Luo Yin, leaving his mum in tears. Gu Hai moves out from his home and seeks his older sister on relocation. Both Gu Hai and Luo Yin report to class but notice that their teacher resembles Jiang Yuan (mother for Luo Yin and stepmother for Gu Hai). Gu Hai was punished by the language teacher for submitting a blank homework assignment, and so, Gu Hai tore Luo Yin's homework out of his workbook as revenge for his unique handwriting which Gu Hai doesn't like. Gu Hai met up with his friends Li Shuo and Zhou Yi Hu.
2 January 31, 2016
You Qi receives a gift from his admirer, but mistook that the gift was from Luo Yin. Han Qi accidentally washes one of the remaining 2 pairs of Luo Yin's underwear, but when he receives a box of new briefs and a box of medication, he suspects someone from his class is shadowing him. When Gu Hai tells Luo Yin that he was the one who gave the gifts and that he was the one who tore out Yin's homework (apologizing for that as well), Luo Yin stomps out in anger. Later, Gu Hai changes his seat to be behind Luo Yin, and he starts to plan revenge by cutting some holes out of the school jacket that Luo Yin wears. During the class physical lesson, Gu Hai impresses both his classmates and his teacher by producing 106 push ups in a minute.
3 February 3, 2016
Gu Hai beats his physical teacher's by doing more than a hundred pull-ups. Luo Yin plans his revenge against Gu Hai by sewing his school jacket shut, resulting being sent out by his math teacher for creating a ruckus. But during their English language lesson, a sleeping Luo Yin accidentally chided his teacher, thinking that it was Gu Hai who disturbed him. With several revenges acting amongst Gu Hai and Luo Yin, Luo Yin plots a new scheme by buying mechanical oil and locking the classroom doors. Unbeknownst to Luo Yin, this act would ultimately make him look bad as Gu Hai calls the school's principal in the class while telling him on a sticky note that it was Luo Yin who ruined the doors. The next day, Luo Yin receives breakfast after arriving to class and thinks that it was an act from You Qi.
4 February 5, 2016
After class, Yang Meng asks Luo Yin about why he does not get along with Gu Hai when Gu hai is so nice to him. Yang Meng mentions that Gu Hai put in so much effort in getting Yin breakfast and that he is always looking at Yin whenever Meng turns around. Luo Yin scoffs, saying that it must be Hai thinking of new ideas to trouble him. In homeroom, Gu Hai tries to embarrass Luo Yin by volunteering him to sing a song in English and calling out attention to a sleeping Yin; despite all these attempts, Luo Yin manages to sail through beautifully.

The next day, Luo Yin comes down with a cold. At school, Gu Hai gets two sleeping pills from the school's doctor and puts them to Luo Yin's water bottle. Unfortunately, the cold medicine Luo Yin took in the morning had already expired and that combined with the sleeping pills knocked him out unconscious in class. Gu Hai carries him to the nurse's office, gets him an IV drip, and stays behind to watch him. When Luo Yin wakes up and sees Gu Hai after ending up in a hospital bed, he asks Gu Hai why he is so bent on torturing him. Gu Hai responds that he is "ill" and that Luo Yin will have to endure some suffering in order for him to "get better."

Back at school the next day, test results are distributed and Luo Yin has one of the highest scores in the class. However, some jealous prat from another class (Wu Fang) barges in the room and starts insulting Luo Yin's mom, calling her a prostitute. Enraged, Gu hai knocks down Wu Fang and starts beating him up. The principal and teacher arrive to stop the fight and take Gu Hai away. Luo Yin waits for Gu Hai to return to class, worried that he had been expelled. Gu Hai comes back, assuring Luo Yin that he will be back tomorrow. Before leaving, Luo Yin notices blood stains on Gu Hai's jersey and exchanges the stained jersey with his own.

5 February 7, 2016
Luo Yin is haunted by Wu Fang's insults and goes to eat and drink his feelings for dinner that night. Gu Hai meets Luo Yin at his dining table and joins him. The two of them talk about their mothers and how Luo Yin hasn't been getting enough sleep since he broke up with his ex-girlfriend. After dinner, Luo Yin gets too drunk to go home himself and Gu Hai carries him on his back to drop him off. As Gu Hai leaves the Yin's residence, Han Qi comments on how two parents could raise such a good son like Gu Hai. When Gu Hai returns to his home, he find his father waiting there for him on his couch. Wei Ting orders his son to return home and that he and his stepbrother will be attending Gu Hai's old school the next day. Gu Hai refuses to comply, saying how he will not be in anyplace with his new family. Wei Ting is infuriated, goes to beat on Gu Hai (only to be stopped by the family driver), and threatens to cut off Gu Hai's expenses.

In the morning Gu Hai runs into Luo Yin on his bike. They have breakfast together at Luo Yin's aunt's shack and arrive at school together. You Qi asks Luo Yin why he came to school with Gu Hai instead of Yang Meng, to which Luo Yin replies with that it was just a coincidence that they ran into each other. After school, Gu Hai gets invited to hang out with his friends on the following Saturday, but the next morning, Luo Yin invites Gu Hai to go fishing with him on the same Saturday. Gu Hai ends up fishing with Luo Yin on Saturday, blowing off and ignoring his friends, and together, they catch a fish.

6 February 10, 2016
Together, Luo Yin and Gu Hai have caught many fish. Gu Hai invites himself to a meal at Yin's home but Luo Yin insists that he'll prep the fish at his place and then, bring it over to Gu Hai. After Gu Hai is successful in asking for a shower, and to Luo Yin's dismay and annoyance at his father disregarding him, Han Qi allows for Gu Hai to stay for dinner. After the meal Han Qi orders for Luo Yin to take his friend home but halfway there, Gu Hai says that he can take himself home and bikes away. Luo Yin secretly shadows behind him,and feeling that he's being followed, Gu Hai breaks into a neighboring home of a poor person, and once inside, he tosses his bike and backpack over the gate to his actual home. In the morning, Gu Hai notices that Luo Yin is waiting for him outside and he jumps over the gate again with his stuff in the same yard he broke into last night. Meanwhile, the friends that Gu Hai ignored on Saturday are out looking for him. Two of them saw Gu Hai biking on the road with Luo Yin but one of them thought it was only a look-alike and they both dismiss the initial assumption and keep looking for Gu Hai.

At the school, Gu Hai's girlfriend, Jin Lu Lu, is there, demanding to see Gu Hai. She wants him to come back home but he responds with that he likes it here and that she is being too rowdy and suspicious of everything. This is proven to be correct when a few minutes later, Lu Lu is wailing on a female student that was flirting with Gu Hai earlier. Embarrassed by the incident, Gu Hai takes his girlfriend out on the P.E. field and makes a proposition with her: Lu Lu can stay in town for however long she wants as long as she 1. doesn't mention Gu Hai's economic status and where he's actually from, and that she 2. doesn't seem "too rich" when she meets his new friends. After school, Gu Hai invites Luo Yin to meet Lu Lu and the three of them have lunch together. Lu Lu is jealous of the attention Luo Yin is getting from Gu Hai but she gradually grows to like Luo Yin as he always deflects that attention back to her. Once they finish eating, Lu Lu asks Luo Yin to watch over Gu Hai and to call her if anything happens. When she does come back, she'll treat Luo Yin to another meal. The next day, at Luo Yin's aunt's shack, Gu Hai tells Luo Yin of his relationship with Lu Lu and they end their conversation at breakfast by talking about what type of girls they like.

7 February 12, 2016
8 February 14, 2016
9 February 17, 2016
10 February 19, 2016
11 February 21, 2016
12 February 24, 2016
13 February 26, 2016
14 February 28, 2016
15 February 29, 2016


The show garnered about 10 million views the day after its initial online release, making it the second most watched show on iQiyi[1] However, just three episodes before the season finale, all episodes of the drama were removed from all Chinese video streaming websites by the order of SAPPRFT, and are no longer accessible to Chinese viewers.[2][3][4][5] A few days later, these last three episodes of the first season were uploaded to the official YouTube channel of Huace Film & TV, accessible to viewers outside of mainland China. On April 17, 2016, it was revealed that its planned second season was permanently shelved, and China has banned the two actors from appearing on screen together.[6][not in citation given]


No. Song Title Artist(s) Composer Notes
1 If Hai Has Yin
Xu Weizhou & Huang Jingyu Xu Weizhou Opening theme song
2 Walk Slowly
Xu Weizhou Xu Weizhou Ending theme song
3 I Think
Shuhei Nagasawa Xiao Long Lao Si
4 If (I) Don't Have You
Teresa Teng Xiao Xuan


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