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Front Cover of Addicted to War

Addicted to War: Why The US Can't Kick Militarism, is a 77 letter-sized page "illustrated exposé" by Joel Andreas published by Frank Dorrel with AK Press in 2002 (ISBN 1-904859-02-X). Originally published in 1991, the book was out of print until Dorrel convinced Andreas to create an updated, post-9/11 version.

The book tells the history of U.S. foreign wars — from the Indian Wars to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan — in a comic book format. Including 161 reference notes, the book aims to demonstrate why the U.S. has been involved in more wars in recent years than any other country, and to explain who benefits from these military adventures, who pays and who dies.


On the book front matter is printed a list of personalities who have praised it (those with an asterisk(*) next to their name have served in the U.S. military):


The book has been translated into a number of languages, including:

  • Czech: Válečná Závislost / Ilustrovaný průvodce militarismem USA
  • Danish: Afhængig af krig: hvorfor USA ikke kan give slip på militarismen!
  • Dutch: Oorlogsjunks: Waarom de VS het militarisme niet kan laten
  • Hungarian: Háborúfüggők Miért nem tud az USA kiszállni a fegyverkezésből?
  • Italian: Guerradipendenti: Perché gli Usa non possono fare a meno del militarismo
  • Finnish: Koukussa sotaan : miksi USA ei pääse irti militarismista?
  • German: Süchtig nach Krieg. Warum die USA nicht aufhören können, Krieg zu führen
  • Spanish: Adictos a la Guerra (Spain), Adicto a la Guerra: Por Que EEUU No Puede Librarse del Militarismo(AK Press, USA)
  • Hindi: 'युद्ध से लगाव(India)'

The first foreign-language edition was that of Japanese, in October 2002, by political activist Yumi Kikuchi. Andreas had not thought that his book would resonate with a foreign audience.[1]


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