Addie and Hermy

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Addie and Hermy
Comic strip character(s) from The Dandy
Addie and Hermy from The Dandy.png
Publication information
Stars inAddie and Hermy
Other namesAddie and Hermy - The Nasty Nazis
Creator(s)Sam Fair
First appearanceIssue XXXX
Last appearance1941
Also appeared inThe Dandy Annual
Current statusDiscontinued
Main Character
NameAdolf Hitler and Hermann Göring
Type of groupNazi
Regular charactersOther nameless Nazis followers

Addie and Hermy - The Nasty Nazis[1] was a British comic strip series created by Sam Fair,[2] which appeared in the magazine The Dandy from 1939 until 1941. It was published by the Dundee-based publishing-firm DC Thomson and Co.[1]

The comic strip starred caricatures of Adolf Hitler and Hermann Göring, using typical German stereotypes and speech to portray the characters.[3] The BBC states that they were 'usually embroiled in a scam that went wrong'.[1] It was part of the British war time propaganda during World War II. A similar comic by the same publishing firm poked fun at Benito Mussolini and was called Musso the Wop.[1]


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