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Addington was a federal electoral district in Ontario, Canada, that was represented in the House of Commons of Canada from 1867 to 1904.

It was created in the British North America Act of 1867.

The County of Addington consisted of the Townships of Camden, Portland, Sheffield, Hinchinbrooke, Kaladar, Kennebec, Olden, Oso, Angelsea, Barrie, Clarendon, Palmerston, Effingham, Abinger, Miller, Canonto, Denbigh, Loughborough, and Bedford.

In 1882, the township of Ashby was added to the riding.

The electoral district was abolished in 1903 when it was merged into Lennox and Addington riding.

Members of Parliament[edit]

This riding elected the following members of the House of Commons:

  1. James N. Lapum, Conservative (1867–1872)
  2. Schuyler Shibley, Liberal-Conservative (1872–1878)
  3. John McRory, Conservative (1878–1882)
  4. John W. Bell, Conservative (1882–1891)
  5. George Walker Wesley Dawson, Liberal (1891–1896)
  6. John W. Bell, Conservative (1896–1901)
  7. Melzar Avery, Conservative (1902–1904)

Election results[edit]

Canadian federal election, 1867
Party Candidate Votes %
Conservative James N. Lapum 1,120 53.0
Liberal–Conservative Schuyler Shibley 991 46.9
Unknown Sir Henry Smith 2 0.1
Unknown Mr. Price 1 0.0
Unknown D. Cameron 0 0.0
Unknown Mr. Ham 0 0.0
Unknown Mr. Lott 0 0.0
Canadian federal election, 1872
Party Candidate Votes
Liberal–Conservative Schuyler Shibley 1,495
Conservative James N. Lapum 849
Canadian federal election, 1874
Party Candidate Votes
Conservative Schuyler Shibley 1,275
Unknown David John Waggoner 982

On Mr. Shibley being unseated, on petition, 21 September 1874:

By-election on 28 October 1874
Party Candidate Votes
Liberal–Conservative Schuyler Shibley 1,263
Unknown David John Waggoner 920
Canadian federal election, 1878
Party Candidate Votes
Conservative John McRory 1,656
Liberal–Conservative Schuyler Shibley 1,244
Canadian federal election, 1882
Party Candidate Votes
Conservative John W. Bell 1,659
Unknown J.B. Aylsworth 1,157
Canadian federal election, 1887
Party Candidate Votes
Conservative John W. Bell 1,927
Liberal Henry T. Shibley 1,537
Canadian federal election, 1891
Party Candidate Votes
Liberal George Walker Wesley Dawson 2,307
Conservative John W. Bell 2,246
Canadian federal election, 1896
Party Candidate Votes
Conservative BELL, John W. 2,587
Liberal DAWSON, Geo. W.W. 2,500
Canadian federal election, 1900
Party Candidate Votes
Conservative BELL, John W. 2,442
Liberal MARTIN, Wm. A. 1,913

On Mr. Bell's death, 5 July 1901:

By-election on 15 January 1902
Party Candidate Votes
Conservative AVERY, Melzar 2,505
Liberal WARTMAN, F.S. 2,121

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