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Henry Addington Bayley Bruce (1874–1959) was an American journalist and author, born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and educated at Upper Canada College and Trinity College, Toronto. He was for a time on the Toronto Week, then came to the United States, was employed by the American Press Association between 1897 and 1903, and afterward contributed to many periodicals, notably The Outlook. In 1916 he resigned as staff contributor to The Outlook. In 1915 he became psychological adviser to the Associated Newspapers. Addington Bruce also wrote books. His most successful work was in American history and in popularizing modern psychology and psychical research.


  • The Riddle of Personality (1908)
  • Historic Ghosts and Ghost-Hunters (1909)
  • The Romance of American Expansion (1909)
  • Daniel Boone and the Wilderness Land (1910)
  • A translation of Leroy-Beaulieu's The United States in the Twentieth Century (1906; new edition, 1911)
  • Scientific Mental Healing (1911)
  • Woman in the Making of America (1912)
  • Adventurings in the Psychical (1914)
  • Sleep and Sleeplessnes (1915)
  • Psychology and Parenthood (1915)
  • The Riddle of Personality (new and revised edition, 1916)
  • Handicaps of Childhood (1917)
  • Nerve Control and how to Gain It (1918)
  • Self-Development (1921)

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