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Milne Park, New Addington

Addington Vale is a park situated in New Addington in the London Borough of Croydon. The park is located on the two Milne Park roads (West and East). It extends from King Henry's Drive in the north to Arnhem Drive in the south, Queen Elizabeth's Drive runs along the western side, and Godric Crescent and Hares Bank to the east. The nearest Tramlink station is New Addington.


  • Two children's playgrounds
  • Car park
  • Multi-games court
  • Children's designated cycle area


Addington Vale is a narrow area, which varies between 50 and 250 yards (230 m) wide and extends over two-thirds of a mile linking two other open spaces namely Rowdown Woods and Milne Park.

The land was purchased under the 1936 Housing Act but in 1957 a total of 57.15 acres (231,300 m2) were declared Green Belt land and in 1963 were appropriated as public open space.

The area was landscaped following the dumping of over 2500 tons of rubbish in the valley prior to 1970. The rubbish was levelled and covered with soil to give a natural appearance, this was followed by extensive planting and footpath construction works.

There are two children's playgrounds in the Valley one at the junction of King Henrys Drive and Queen Elizabeths Drive and the other near Hares Bank. There is an all-weather pitch beside Queen Elizabeths drive opposite Hares Bank.

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