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The site of Woodside station on the Addiscombe Line, now part of the Tramlink route.
Addiscombe Line
Mid-Kent Line
to Lewisham
Elmers End
Mid-Kent Line
to Hayes
Woodside(Closed 1997)
Addiscombe Line diverges
to Sanderstead (Closed 13 May 1983)
Addiscombe Sidings (Closed 1993)
Addiscombe(Closed 1997)
A 1908 Railway Clearing House map of lines around the Addiscombe Line.

The Addiscombe Line in south east London, United Kingdom ran between Elmers End (London Borough of Bromley) and Addiscombe (London Borough of Croydon).

The line was built by the South Eastern Railway (SER) as part of its extensive competition with London, Brighton and South Coast Railway (LBSCR). The line was electrified by the Southern Railway in February 1926 at 660 V (later 750 V) DC third rail. The line between Woodside and Selsdon reopened in 1935 with electrification.

In 1983 the line from Woodside to Selsdon was closed and the following year Woodside signal box was abolished. By the early 1990s the line went into decline starting with the closure of the carriage depot at Addiscombe in 1993. Shortly afterwards the stations at Addiscombe and Woodside became unstaffed. In 1996 the line was reduced from double to single track following Addiscombe signal box being destroyed by fire. The line closed in 1997 for the new Tramlink line from Elmers End and Beckenham Junction to Wimbledon

The track was removed in 1998 and Addiscombe station was demolished in 2001. The route between Woodside and Addiscombe has now become a footpath.

Coordinates: 51°22′52″N 0°04′48″W / 51.381°N 0.080°W / 51.381; -0.080