Addison Airport Toll Tunnel

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Addison Airport Toll Tunnel
Addison Airport Toll Tunnel (logo).png
Official name Addison Airport Toll Tunnel
Other name(s) Addison Airport Tunnel
Location North Dallas and Addison
Route Dallas North Tollway and Interstate 35E
Start Dallas North Tollway
End Interstate 35E
Work begun September 1997
Constructed 1997-99
Opened 1999
Toll US$0.53
Length 1,600 feet

Coordinates: 32°58′08″N 96°50′27″W / 32.968955°N 96.8408829°W / 32.968955; -96.8408829

The Addison Airport Toll Tunnel, also known as the Addison Airport Tunnel and the Addison Toll Tunnel, is part of the North Texas Tollway Authority (NTTA) system and extends Keller Springs Road under the Addison Airport property.

Built for the NTTA, this toll tunnel enables vehicular traffic to travel under rather than around the airport, which expands traffic capacity and eases the notorious congestion of north Dallas and Addison by providing an east–west route between the Dallas North Tollway and Interstate 35E under the Addison Airport runway. It provides motorists a through passage on Keller Springs Road, which once ended on either side of Addison Airport, as an alternate route to the heavily traveled Belt Line Road and Trinity Mills Road.

The lanes of the Addison Airport Toll Tunnel toll plaza are equipped for electronic toll collection via TollTag. Currently, the toll charged on the Addison Airport Toll Tunnel is US$0.53 for all classes of vehicles and TollTag users.


West Tunnel Entrance

In September 1997, tunnelling crews started constructing a two-lane vehicular toll tunnel under Addison Airport. Completed in 1999, the tunnel is approximately 1,600 feet (488 m) in length with a total roadway length of 3,700 feet (1,128 m). The NTTA-commissioned project cost nearly $20 million.


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