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Addison Cook Niles (1832 – January 17, 1890) was an associate justice on the Supreme Court of California from 1872–1880. The town of Niles in Fremont, California is named after Addison Niles,[1] who was once a railroad attorney for the Western Pacific Railroad.[2]


Niles' parents were the Hon. John Niles (1797–1872) and Mary Cook (1803–1873). Niles had two younger brothers, John Hamiton Niles and Charles Mumford Niles. He had six sisters: Laura Niles, Cornelia Deborah Niles, Mary Corinthia Niles, Henrietta Amelia Niles, and Emily Harriet Niles.[3]

His first cousin, Niles Searls, Chief Justice of the California Supreme Court from 1887 to 1889, was married to Addison's sister, Mary (1830–1910).[3]


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