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Adee Phelan
Adee Phelan

OccupationHair dresser[1]
Years active1999–present

Adee Phelan (born 1974) is an Irish-born British hairdresser.

Early life[edit]

Phelan was born in Ireland, moving to Birmingham, England as a youngster.[2] Phelan left school aged 10 and was unable to read or write.[3] Aged 15 he moved to Manchester, then Essex, where he opened up a hairdressing salon.[2] During his time in Essex he suffered from severe depression, drink, drugs and gambling problems.[3]


Phelan's career began at the age of 25, when he was taken under the wing of another hairdresser. In 1999, his stylist career officially kicked off as he graduated as Senior Stylist and began developing his cutting styles and techniques.[4] By 2000, he won the British Men's Hairdresser of the year award.

In 2002, Phelan and Nicky Edgeley set up a hair salon, 'Strangeways', in Leigh-on-Sea. Phelan became noticed by top celebrities,[5] who eventually became his clientele. During the same year, he won the image of the year award 2002, following David Beckham's mohawk in the GQ shoot prior to the World Cup. This aided and completed contracts with Remington, Jerome Russell and the Conair Corporation.

Later, in 2005, Phelan launched an electrical range with Babyliss, called Adee&Paul, including thermo-ceramic pro straighteners and curling tongs. While in West End, London, he launched one of the most innovative hair salons, Bloww.

Throughout the years Phelan has also developed his own range of hair care products. However, his latest launch, 2011, saw the introduction of the new Hair Colour Remover range.

Phelan used to have a salon at The Cube in Birmingham, but this closed not long after opening.


Simultaneously, Phelan speaks at national seminar and workshops, as well as regular radio interview. He has also appeared in a few television programmes, listed below.

Feature television
Year Title Role Notes
2003 The Salon As himself TV Series: Series 2 - Preview Episodes
2004 The Salon As himself TV Series: Series 2, Weeks 14, 15, 16, 20 and 23.
2006 Secret Millionaire Himself/fictional character James McCarthy [3] TV series: Season 9, Episode 25
2008–2009 Young Hair Dresser of the Year As himself TV series: head judge
2010 Lorraine As himself TV series: Series 2, Episode 25
2011 Shear Genius As himself TV series: Season 3


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