Adeerus Ghayan

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Adeerus Ghayan
OccupationNovelist, writer
LanguageEnglish language
GenreTerrorism, Science fiction, Biopunk
Notable worksBullets and Train, The Scriptwriter, Ibil

Adeerus Ghayan is a Pakistani novelist who writes in the English and Urdu languages.

Writing career[edit]

Ghayan's first English novel was published in 2014. Since then he has published eleven books in English.[1] His novels focus on religio-politico-military issues. Eight of his English novels are available for sale in the United Kingdom. He has written numerous short stories. Additionally, he has also co-authored a book on Autism.

His recent novel The Scriptwriter has caused considerable controversy by touching a number of sensitive issues like American President's involvement in Pakistani politics,[2] Pakistani military controlling political parties and Pakistan's involvement in the current crisis in the Middle East.[3]

His Urdu books are only available in Pakistan.



Non Fiction[edit]

  • Ideology of Islam (2014)
  • History of Islam (2014)
  • Reducing Autism Poisoning Impacts (2014)

Notable Short Stories[edit]


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