Adela Ber Vukić

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Adela Ber
Born(1888-12-30)30 December 1888
Tuzla, Austria-Hungary
Died28 October 1966(1966-10-28) (aged 77)
Sarajevo, Yugoslavia

Adela Ber (30 December 1888 – 28 October 1966) was the first female artist from Bosnia and Herzegovina to be educated at an art school and a pioneer of women's rights in her country.

Topics of her works include portraits, still life and Bosnian landscapes.

Early life[edit]

Ber was born in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1888. Her mother hailed from Livno.


After completing higher girls' school in Sarajevo, Ber aspired to become a teacher. Ber left for Vienna in 1908, enrolling in a private art school, then a private women's art school in 1910. During her studies in Vienna she lived difficulty and was unable to get a scholarship because she was a woman and the state felt that money spent on educating women was "thrown away".[1] Owing to great talent, a college professor at the Vienna school decided to grant Ber a free education.[2]


After graduating in June 1914, she returned to Sarajevo with hopes of opening a private painting school.[3] World War I broke out later that same month when Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria was assassinated by Bosnian Serb nationalist Gavrilo Princip.[4] The outbreak of war made it impossible for Ber to open a painting school. Ber organized her first solo art exhibit in Sarajevo after the First World War in 1919.

Ber died in 1966, aged 77.[5]


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