Adelaide of Hungary

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Adelaide of Hungary
Duchess consort of Bohemia
Bornc. 1040
Died(1062-01-27)27 January 1062
SpouseVratislav II of Bohemia
HouseHouse of Árpád
FatherAndrew I of Hungary
MotherAnastasia of Kiev

Adelaide of Hungary (c. 1040 – 27 January 1062)[1] was the only daughter of King Andrew I of Hungary.[2] It has generally been assumed that her mother was Anastasia of Kiev,[3] but it has been hypothesised that Adelaide could be the result of Andrew I and a different wife, due to the idea that Yaroslav the Wise wouldn't marry his daughter to an exiled dynast, who didn't appear to have a strong claim to the throne, for which he wouldn't gain serious support for until 1045, five years after Adelaide is thought to be born. [4]


She was the second wife of Vratislav II of Bohemia, whom she married in 1058.[5] She was a good dynastic match for Vratislav, as he profited from the alliance with her father. They had four children, including Bretislaus II of Bohemia and Judith of Bohemia.[6] Vratislav became duke in 1061 after the death of his brother; thus, Adelaide was duchess for only a short time before her death early in 1062.

Her husband remarried shortly after her death to Świętosława of Poland and was later crowned as the first King of Bohemia in 1085.


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Adelaide of Hungary
Born: c. 1040 Died: 27 January 1062
Royal titles
Preceded by Duchess consort of Bohemia
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