Adelaide Conroy

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Adelaide Conroy née Anceschi (born 1839) was a Malta-based photographer active between 1871 and 1879.[1]

Adelaide was born on 23 April 1839 to Pompilio Anceschi and Rosa Bolondi in Reggio d'Emilia, Italy.[2] Together with James Conroy his first wife Sara, their newborn Jane, Richard Ellis, Adelaide came to Malta from Messina on 9 April 1861 on a ship called Capitole.[3] On 17 May 1872 in the Anglican Cathedral, Valletta Adelaide married the then widowed photographer James Conroy.

From 1875, Adelaide was operating from 56, Strada Stretta, Valletta as Mrs. Conroy – one of the photographers in the Conroy studio.[1] Between February and June 1878 Adelaide advertises as "Mrs. Conroy, English photographers, 56 Strada Stretta, Valletta" in all 12 issues of the short-lived Enterprise magazine (no English photographers are documented to have been working at this studio - Augusto Felice was Maltese, whereas E. Taurines was French).[2][4]


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