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The Adelaide Festival Awards for Literature were established in 1986 and are an initiative of the Government of South Australia, managed through Arts SA. They are granted biennially to the best authors in Australian children’s literature, fiction, innovation, non-fiction and poetry. The awards, which judge the best works published in Australia in the previous two years, are the nation’s most competitive literary awards (761 entries submitted for 2010).

There is a total prize pool of $160,000, and these awards honour the best in Australian literature.

The Premier’s Award recognises the most outstanding published book submitted to the awards.

The awards recognise published and unpublished works by emerging and established writers, across a number of genres.

In 2012 a Young Adult Fiction Award was included for the first time. There are seven national awards (for published works) and two awards and two fellowships specifically for South Australian writers.

Premier’s Award[edit]

Non-Fiction Award[edit]

Fiction award[edit]

Children’s Literature Award[edit]

Young Adult Fiction Award[edit]

  • 2014 Friday Brown by Vikki Wakefield
  • 2012 All I Ever Wanted by Vikki Wakefield

John Bray Poetry Award[edit]

Innovation award[edit]

The Mayne Award for Multimedia[edit]

(formerly the Faulding Award for Multimedia)

  • 2004 Concatenation by Geniwate
  • 2002 Poems in a Flash @ The Stalking Tongue website Jayne Fenton Keane and David Keane (
  • 2000 Carrier by Melinda Rackham (
  • 1998 FlightPaths: Writing Journeys by Julie Clarke, Rob Finlayson, Tom Gibson, Denise Higgins, Bernie Jannsen, Nazid Kimmie and Adrian Marshall

Wakefield Press Unpublished Manuscript Award[edit]

  • 2014 Here Where We Life by Cassie Flanagan-Willanski
  • 2012 The First Week by Margaret Merrilees
  • 2010 End of the Night Girl by Amy T Matthews
  • 2008 The Second Fouling Mark by Stephen Orr
  • 2006 The Quakers by Rachel Hennessy
  • 2004 Goddamn Bus of Happiness by Stefan Laszczuk
  • 2002 The Black Dream by Corrie Hosking
  • 2000 No winner
  • 1998 Counting The Rivers by Pearlie McNeil

Jill Blewett Playwright’s award[edit]

Barbara Hanrahan Fellowship[edit]

Carclew Fellowship[edit]

  • 2012 Janeen Brian
  • 2010 Nicole Plüss
  • 2008 Rosanne Hawke
  • 2006 Christine Harris
  • 2004 Marguerite Hann-Syme
  • 2002 Ruth Starke
  • 2000 Ian Bone
  • 1998 Phil Cummings
  • 1996 Chris Tugwell
  • 1994 Peter McFarlane
  • 1992 Anne Brookman
  • 1990 Anne-Marie Mykyta
  • 1988 Geoff Goodfellow

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