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Coordinates: 34°55′08″S 138°36′00″E / 34.91898°S 138.599986°E / -34.91898; 138.599986 The Adelaide Festival of Ideas has been held every two years since 1999, over a period of three or four days. From 1999-2010 it was held in July, and since 2011 it is held in October. It is held at venues throughout Adelaide in the alternative years to those of the long-established Adelaide Festival of Arts.


The festival features a range of talks and panel discussions with national and international speakers, loosely organised around the common theme of ideas, and contemporary debates are given greater space for exploration. It is a space where an intelligent public can engage with some of the best thinkers across a wide range of intellectual endeavour. The festival has gained popularity, harnessing ideas, experience and intellect and attracting attendance from all states of Australia, and from overseas.

The 2005 Festival took the theme "What is to be done". Speakers included Peter C. Doherty, Germaine Greer and Stephen Schneider.

Presentations from the Festival have been periodically broadcast on Radio Adelaide on Sunday mornings, and were available on the Festival's website.

The board governing the Adelaide Festival of Ideas is made up of industry professionals with prolific arts experience; Sandra Sdraulig, Greg Knagge, Andrew Bovell, Wayne Lewis, Sue Maslin, Leanne Elise Thomas and Sam White.

2015 Event cancelled[edit]

Due to government funding reassessments, the 2015 event has been cancelled.[1]

Reorganization and 2016 Event[edit]

It was announced on 4 September 2015 that the event would return in 2016. Ownership of the event was returned to the founder, Greg Mackie, who subsequently established a non-profit organization to oversee the event. The organization is relying on corporate sponsorship to make up the AU$230,000 shortfall resulting from withdrawal of state government funding.[2]


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