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Adelaide Fire
Adelaide Fire logo.png
Full nameAdelaide Fire
Founded17 April 2019; 2 years ago (2019-04-17)
Home groundState Hockey Centre, Adelaide, Australia
(Capacity 4,000)
LeagueHockey One

Adelaide Fire is an Australian field hockey club based in Adelaide, South Australia. The club was established in 2019, and is one of 7 established to compete in Hockey Australia's new premier domestic competition, Hockey One.[1]

The club unifies both men and women under one name,[2] unlike South Australia's former representation in the Australian Hockey League as the SA Hotshots (men) and SA Suns (women).[3][4]

Adelaide Fire will compete for the first time in the inaugural season of Hockey One, which will be contested from late September through to mid November 2019.


Adelaide Fire, along with six other teams, was founded on 17 April 2019 as part of Hockey Australia's development of hockey.[5] The establishment of the club however, was not met without challenges. It was feared Hockey SA would not enter Hockey One due to financial restraints, however after a public fundraiser the entry quota was met.[6]

The club name of the Fire is a natural progression and combination of the former club names – the Hotshots and the Suns.


The club colours are a modern take on traditional SA colours, the yellow, now replaced with white provides a cleaner, modern feel to the uniforms.

Adelaide Fire Men's Uniform
Adelaide Fire Women's Uniform

Home Stadium[edit]

Adelaide Fire are based out of the State Hockey Centre in South Australia's capital city, Adelaide. The stadium has a capacity of 4,000 spectators, with 330 fixed seats.[7]

Throughout the Hockey One league, Adelaide Fire will play a number of home games at the stadium.[8]


Men's Team[edit]

The following players represented the men's team during the 2019 edition of the Sultana Bran Hockey One League.[9]

  1. Fraser Bowden
  2. Lachlan Busiko
  3. Angus Fry
  4. Scott Germein
  5. Fred Gray
  6. Cameron Joyce
  7. Luke Larwood
  8. Andrew Leat
  9. Ryan O'Shea
  10. Alastair Oliver
  11. Glyn Tamlin
  12. Isaac Farmilo
  13. Simon Wells
  14. Chris Wells
  15. Cameron White
  16. Hirotaka Zendana
  17. Kota Watanabe
  18. Liam Alexander
  19. Ben Hooppell (GK)
  20. Edward Chittleborough (GK)

Women's Team[edit]

The following players represented the women's team during the 2019 edition of the Sultana Bran Hockey One League.[10]

  1. Linzi Appleyard
  2. Brooklyn Buchecker
  3. Jane Claxton
  4. Emma de Broughe
  5. Holly Evans
  6. Rachel McCann
  7. Emily Grist
  8. Sarah Harrison
  9. Amy Hunt
  10. Euleena MacLachlan
  11. Karri McMahon
  12. Gabrielle Nance
  13. Hattie Shand
  14. Michaela Spano
  15. Leah Welstead
  16. Gemma McCaw
  17. Leah Butt
  18. Kate Denning
  19. Amy Hammond (GK)
  20. Ashlee Wells (GK)


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