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The Observer was a Saturday newspaper published in Adelaide, South Australia from July 1843 to February 1931. Virtually every issue of the newspaper (under both titles) has been digitised and is available online through the National Library of Australia's Trove archive service.[1]


The Adelaide Observer[edit]

The first edition of was published on 1 July 1843.[2] The newspaper was founded by John Stephens, its sole proprietor, who in 1845 purchased another local newspaper, the South Australian Register.

The Observer[edit]

On 7 January 1905, the newspaper was renamed The Observer, whose masthead later proclaimed "The Observer. News of the world, politics, agriculture, mining, literature, sport and society. Established 1843".[3] In February 1931, the ailing Depression-hit newspaper, along with The Register and other sister publications, was taken over by The Advertiser and shut down.


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